Maternity and Sensitivity

Maternity and Sensitivity

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How does it feel to be a mother?

For example, my mother, no matter what time she goes to bed at night, standing up at six in the morning, preparing breakfast, organizing the house ... So people are surprised; Does this woman have no sleep, no pain, no leak mı That's all. When you become a mother, you don't know what you get tired of and there's something that keeps you up.

Did motherhood change you?

Of course it has changed, for example, my perspective on people has changed completely. Normally, I'm not the kind of person who breaks people, but sometimes there are times when you don't have the bone of the tongue and you can be the breaker. But after I became a mother, I began to pay more attention to this, I no longer hurt anyone. I was already sensitive and conscientious, and now my feelings have increased.

So soon after you got married, you got pregnant, was it an Idrisian planned baby?

It was a big surprise for us İd

How did you find out?

I got up in the morning and went to the doctor. The test results would also be announced around 3 pm. When I was preparing for my backstage before my program started, I phoned the doctor, yal I'm going to go live “and begged me to tell me the results. Of course, everyone in the backstage was waiting for the news from the phone. When the doctor said I was pregnant, we were all happy to scream.

How did you tell your wife?

After the screams returned to normal and calmed down, we called Ali backstage and told him I was pregnant. Of course he didn't, he thought I was making fun of him. Then I was delighted.

How was your pregnancy?

I didn't get used to the first three months of pregnancy. At first, my stomach was very nauseous, but overall I had a very easy pregnancy. I was very energetic. I think this is all about the soul, as you code yourself, your life flow continues in the same way. As a result, pregnancy is not a disease, but rather a pleasant process. Mine was a very energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic pregnancy.

How much weight did you gain during this period?

I gained 23 pounds. That's what I just wanted to say when I said kulu enthusiastic önce.

During your pregnancy, you continued to broadcast live, wasn't it difficult?

Although I worked until the 36th week, I didn't have much difficulty because it was only the summer period, but it made me a little bit harder, but I ended up having more time during the period until I was born. After 2.5 months of birth, I started working again. After the birth, my team helped a lot, they were doing all the preparations before the program, and all I had to do was take the broadcast.

Why is that?

Friday program ended, Saturday, Sunday rest, Monday bottom corner house cleaned. We did the necessary shopping, we completed the shortcomings, there was nothing left to do when we said we prepared the child's room. So, what do we do now, I'm in mode. This emptiness overwhelmed me.

How did you feed?

For the first four months I've had too much nausea, and I've eaten cheese pasta and bread. That's why I gained a lot of weight at that time. Then, until the eighth month of a doctor-controlled regime. I took bread, sugar and salt out of my life. I ate fruit, I drank milk, I ate fruit yogurts and honey. In fact, I ate meals in the order that every person should be fed. I saw the benefits of this regime, if I had not done this regime I could have ended my pregnancy with 40 kilos. I had no taste before, I had a taste during my pregnancy and now I enjoy what I eat.

Have you been to pregnancy courses?

I went, I even got a certificate. I've washed a doll, but it's easy to wash it! I couldn't even wash Idrisali for the first 20 days of fear… I called my mother right away to help her.

How was the birth?

I wanted to give birth normally, I was even very stable, I had pain for 15 hours, but then I had oxygen problems. So we decided to have an epidural caesarean section. Now I'm thinking, it doesn't matter anymore. You come into the baby's lap, you see and feel it, you know, it makes you forget all you've been through.

Has your wife gone into labor?

No, he didn't, my best friend Idil Yoruk was with me.

What made you the hardest in the early days?

Even if I had a hard time in the first week, the hardest day was when we came home from the hospital. That day, the Idris did not stop, he cried constantly… I was devastated that day; my stitches hurt, I was very tired, sleepless, and there was a baby crying all the time. I called my mother right away. My mother came, she touched the baby, the baby turned into an angel. My mother was with me for two months.

Have you had a puerperium?

I've lived a week.

Are you breastfeeding?

I was able to breastfeed for six months. At 6 months, Idrisali became ill and stopped spontaneously. I milked my milk for a while, but then I ran out.

Who's watching?

Me, my mom and our assistant at home, we're all looking at it. After a child is born, he somehow grows up. Allah has given him such a development that you only feed him. Whenever the baby feels ready, he starts learning something. I'm worried about what I can teach and treat for Idrisali.

What are you doing for this?

As of this month, I will start going to the pedagogue. I want to know what I can give him by age, how to behave.

How did you lose 23 pounds after birth?

I do pilates very seriously four days a week. Apart from that, I made a strict regime last month and lost four pounds. I've taken pasta and rice out of my life, and I rarely eat when I want to. I don't consume salt and sugar, I don't drink coke. Of course, while losing weight, your body structure is also very important. For example, after a caesarean section, my doctor said, "You didn't have a gram of fat, congratulations." It is very important to have a tightened body and a body with little fat.

How did you decide on the name of Idrisali?

Idris, my father-in-law Ali's wife's name. I wanted the name Ali, and my wife wanted the name Idris. I'm so used to this name right now, it sounds like there's no other name.

Which way does the blue of the eyes come from?

Both grandfathers have blue eyes.

Do you think about the second child?

Ali wants the second and third children immediately. The man who escaped from marrying and having children until the age of 40 began to say, “Let's be a crowded family sonra after marriage. She really wants to have a daughter. I want the second baby, but not now. I can't show you the same crazy courage right away.

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