Children and cartoons

Children and cartoons

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Television plays a very important role in the life of a child as well as in the life of an adult. Television programs, which are considered as an important entertainment and recreation tools, are being watched and consumed by children as well as adults. Program makers are also aware of the diversity of the audience and design programs for different age and educational groups. Cartoons are also among these programs and are basically productions aimed at children.

The colorful, exaggerated, entertaining and fantasy world of cartoons both entertains and impresses children. Because the level of creativity and the system of falling is much different from us adults, children make themselves part of what they watch and develop their creativity while watching cartoons. They can adopt and internalize events much more easily. For this reason, cartoons have an important role in children's learning and observing different worlds. However, children whose reasoning skills have not reached the level of understanding and judging many things may be adversely affected by many elements in cartoons. Most events and characters watched in cartoons slowly begin to become part of the child's world. This negatively affects the child's development and reduces his / her adaptation to the real world.

In a research, the violence elements in raw films and their effectiveness were examined, and after watching violent cartoons on television, it was determined that children behaved differently. In this study conducted with 100 preschool children, children were observed before and after watching TV. One group watched violent cartoons, the other group watched cartoons with no aggression. It was found that children watching violent films had more fights with their peers than others, opposed the adults more and behaved more impatiently.

When we consider all these things, we come to the conclusion that watching your cartoons improves your creativity and thinking system by watching cartoons as well as some negative elements contained in cartoons. Remember, instead of depriving children of the cartoon world to prevent these negative effects, it will be much easier and more efficient to guide them through different solutions !!!

What can you do?

• Set television watching times for your child and watch the programs he watches during those hours.

• Watch at least part of the cartoon your child is watching, so you can better understand the content and talk to it.

• Interrogate aggressive behavior in cartoons and talk about alternative ways to solve problems.

• You can prohibit him from watching cartoons with extreme violence and aggression.

• You can limit television viewing to educational programs or programs that include assistance and collaboration.

• You can reduce television viewing time by directing children to different hobbies.

• You can encourage your children to watch television for less time by organizing book reading activities.

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