Talita Oseguera, CNM, MSN

Talita Oseguera, CNM, MSN

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Talita Oseguera, CNM, MSN, is a certified nurse midwife and a member of the our site Medical Advisory Board. She is also a full-spectrum doula, breastfeeding peer counselor, placenta encapsulator, advocate for reproductive justice, and mother.

Talita received her BA from the University of California, Los Angeles and completed her nurse midwifery training at the University of California, San Francisco.

As a graduate student, she worked as a field nurse with SOLARS, one of the first, large-scale studies designed by women of color partnering with pregnant through postpartum Black and Brown women and individuals to understand the impact of stress, anxiety, and racism on preterm birth in addition to resilience and coping as protective factors.

She is a former co-coordinator of the Family Planning and Reproductive Choices elective within the Obgyn Department at UCSF and member of Nurse Students of Color.

Talita is a collective member of Black Women Birthing Justice and is coauthor of Battling Over Birth: Black Women and the Maternal Health Care Crisis in California.

Her interests include reproductive justice, honoring and amplifying the voices, experiences, and issues of Black women and individuals across the sexual, reproductive and perinatal continuum, walking alongside birth workers of color who reflect the communities they serve, and improving care for and with Black women and individuals.

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