Children's games in the sand

Children's games in the sand

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Summer came, the weather warmed up, everyone threw himself into a family holiday or trying to throw one of the most beautiful topics to be written in the sand game and I decided that this week's subject to sand. Sand, which is part of the perfect trio known as sea, sand and sun, is also a great tool for children's development. It is an indispensable part of therapies with children and married couples in many countries of the world.

If you ask sor What is sand games, why is it so important for the development of the child ğı, especially in summer areas, let's start answering!

What does sand play contribute to the child's development?

a.For physical development:

- Improves your child's hand muscles and finger control

- allows your child to develop leg and arm muscles

- Improves your child's hand-eye coordination

b. For mental development:

- allows the sand to discover different physical properties, thus improving the perception of the different physical properties of substances (observing the difference between wet and dry sand)

- Vocabulary develops while playing (dry, wet, wet…)

- develops mathematical thinking ability

- observe the cause and effect relationship (as sand gets wet by adding water)

For social-emotional development:

- observes the games of children around

- starts to play in partnership with other children, thus becoming involved in a common game organization, sharing, lining up and experiencing planned action

- support identity development by imitating adult behavior during play

Support your child's development during the sand game!

-Give your child the opportunity to hear and learn the name of his / her actions and improve his vocabulary during the game. Ask your child open-ended questions, such as ”Can you tell me what you are doing now yap help you to think and express and support your child's language development

-Give him some material to expand your child's play, such as some toy men or toy animal figures for the castle he built ylelikle so you can support your child's imagination and mental development.

During the game you can ask questions that make your child think. E.g…

* How many buckets can make your foot completely invisible with sand?

* Is the sand heavier when wet or dry?

* Which bucket gets more sand?

Some materials you can provide to your child during the game:

AquariusPlastic Empty BottlesSmall Flags
Toy Digger and ShovelPlastic SpoonsPlastic flowers
Stones of different sizesToy human and animal figuresPlastic pipettes
sea ​​shellsToy cars and trucksCake Molds

Points to consider during the sand game:

- Make sure your child does not disappear from eye level, check your child playing

- Do not allow your child to be exposed to direct sunlight during play and always use protective creams for your child's skin.

- Make sure that there are no situations that might jeopardize your child's safety, such as jagged rocks, rotten metal fragments or violent waves…

Explain to him that your child should not throw sand at his friends while he is playing, and that he and his friend will be harmed if he does so.

- If sand gets into your child's eyes, direct him to wash with water; if your child is crying, do not stop him, because crying will allow the eye to be cleansed in natural ways, remember! In the meantime, prevent your child from scratching his eye with his hand, tell him to blink frequently. If you think there is a more serious condition, consult a doctor immediately.

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