Is it normal for my baby to sleep with her eyes open?

Is it normal for my baby to sleep with her eyes open?

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Yes. It looks odd, but it's normal. As Concord, California, naturopathic doctor Tara Levy puts it: "Zombie kid! Watch out!"

Open-eyed sleeping — called nocturnal lagophthalmos in medical-speak — is harmless, fairly common in infants, and doesn't indicate that your child has a sleep problem.

No one knows exactly why some babies sleep with their eyes open. Says Levy, "No one's funding that research." But it may have something to do with spending more time in REM sleep.

"Sleeping with the eyes open happens during REM, which is a more active sleep cycle," Levy explains. "Babies spend much more time in REM sleep than adults, about 50 percent of their total sleep time."

If your baby's "zombie sleep" bothers you, gently stroke his eyelids closed.

Consult your baby's doctor if your child sleeps with his eyes open for many hours at a time or if his eyes seem dry or irritated. In very rare cases, malformation of the eyelids can prevent them from closing normally. But otherwise, don't fear the zombie kid.

Incidentally, there's some evidence that nocturnal lagophthalmos is hereditary. If you notice your child sleeping with a glassy stare, ask your partner if you ever sleep wide-eyed yourself.

(Note: In rare cases, this can be a sign of health problems in adults — facial nerve damage, thyroid problems, even certain kinds of tumors. Talk to your healthcare provider if you're concerned.)

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