Your 14-month-old: Week 3

Your 14-month-old: Week 3

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Your toddler now

Ear infections 101

Is your toddler cranky? Pulling at his ear? It could be an ear infection. Two-thirds of children get at least one by the time they turn 2. If your child has been sniffling and sneezing lately, that's another sign: At least 70 percent of these infections follow a cold, because the body's natural ability to fend off bacteria is weakened. (Learn the other symptoms to watch for.)

The youngest children are more vulnerable to ear infections because their immunity hasn't fully developed yet, plus the size and shape of the still-growing Eustachian tubes in their ears makes infections more likely. Using a pacifier can also contribute to the problem. One study found that kids who didn't use pacifiers had a 33 percent lower incidence of middle ear infections.

Do call your child's doctor if you suspect an ear infection – but don't expect to get a prescription for antibiotics right away if symptoms aren't severe. Because most ear infections will clear up on their own, medical guidelines recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours before treating with medication.

My daughter isn't the best eater, but I've discovered that she's more willing when I put her food in a bowl and give her a spoon or fork. That's the best way to get her to eat.

- Cheryl

Controlling clutter

A toddler on the loose leaves a trail of clutter. Your easily distracted 14-month-old will immediately abandon a toy or other object of interest the moment something new catches his eye. To limit the damage, try using safety gates to cordon off a play area filled with lots of interesting playthings. Or keep plastic laundry bins or storage containers in every room for quick pickup of toys.

Involve your child in cleanup at the end of play, but don't expect him to do it on his own at this age. To some extent, you're just modeling the concept. Make it fun by singing a song or putting on some fun "clean-up" music while you pick up.

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