Best toddler shoes for boys and girls 2020

Best toddler shoes for boys and girls 2020

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Once your child takes those first steps, it's time for real shoes. First shoes should have a flexible, nonskid sole (probably rubber) and a substantial upper. Shoes protect kids' feet outdoors and anywhere that could be hazardous, such as on a splintery surface. Indoors, it's still a good idea to let new walkers wear just soft baby shoes or socks – or nothing at all on their feet.

  • Toddler shoe basics

    What you need to know

    Toddling around without shoes actually helps little ones build strength and coordination in their legs and feet, but while they're learning to walk, baby feet need protection from rough surfaces like gravel or unfinished wood. Even before they walk, babies may need more than just socks on their feet in cold weather or outdoors.

    Whatever baby shoe you choose, "lightweight" should be your watchword, since heavy shoes can make learning to walk harder. Leather, fabric, or canvas shoes are all fine, as long as they're not stiff, bulky, or heavy. Look for non-slip soles with details like nubs and ripples that help grip the ground and keep your baby steady. Your baby's shoes should also be flexible: bend and twist them to make sure. Velcro closures or snaps are easier to use than laces for little feet.

    Your child's foot is still developing, so it won't look (or act) like an adult foot. If your child still has baby-fat padding under the arches, for example, he might appear a bit flat-footed. Or he may have a tendency to turn his toes in when he walks, called in-toeing or toeing in. It's usually nothing to worry about, but mention any concerns to your child's doctor.

    The following shoes are the 7 most recommended by our site editors. They're comfortable, durable, and good quality for the price, which is why they're on the our site Love It winners list for 2020.

  • Quick look

    The best toddler shoes for boys and girls

  • Skechers Kids Twinkle Toes Twi-Lites

    Lights up and delights little ones

    Small children dearly love Skechers' Twinkle Toes brand, which has little sparkly lights in the toe that illuminate every time the wearer takes a step. They come in Lisa Frank-esque patterns and colors too: heavy on the rainbows, kittens, and hot-pink leopard print. You can buy Twinkle Toes in big-kid sizes too, but the toddler sizes start at 5, which fits an average 1-year-old. They're easy to put on – the tabs on the heels help you pull them on, and the Velcro closures are easy to fasten, even on squirming toddlers. Not that they'll want to squirm when you propose that they wear these beauties.

    Available at Zappos starting at $39.99

  • Native Shoes Jefferson

    Practically indestructible sneakers

    They look and feel much like sneakers, but because they're made of EVA, Native Shoes are lightweight, easily washable, odor resistant, and almost indestructible. If the white toe gets scuffed and dirty, just hit it with the Magic Eraser for instant newness. If the rest of the shoe gets muddy or stained, rinse it off in the sink. The Jefferson comes in fun colors like yellow, pink, and green, and in sizes from a teeny toddler 4 to a big kid's size 6. Once you catch the Jefferson fever, it's likely to linger for a while.

    Available at Amazon starting at $28.99

  • See Kai Run Kristin Sneakers

    Super-stylish sneaks from a modern brand

    See Kai Run isn't as well known a brand as some of the others on this list, and that's a shame. The brand makes gorgeous shoes that are comfortable for little ones, easy to get on and off, and have effective nonslip soles. The Kristin sneaker is beloved for its extreme comfort and the fact that it comes in lots of colors and designs. Sizes start at a toddler 4 and range to a big kid's size 3.

    Available at Amazon starting at $16.95

  • Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe

    A step up in style for dressed-up little ones

    These are adorable (and comfortable!) for special occasions as well as day-to-day wear. Boat shoes are a classic option for both adults and kids, and the wee version is just as easygoing as the shoes for adults. You can buy them in classic tan soft leather or in souped-up styles and colors like metallics (silver, bronze, rose gold) or brights (turquoise, pink, and more).

    Available at Amazon starting at $17.99

  • New Balance Kids' 574 Sneaker

    Great for your active toddler

    This lightweight shoe from New Balance is soft and comfy for your active toddler. The rubber outsole provides solid traction and grip for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Inspired by the adult version, your little one will love matching Mom and Dad in these stylish shoes.

    Available at Amazon starting at $75.00

  • Stride Rite Soft Motion Artie Sneaker

    Get ready for those first steps

    The flexible sole on this shoe from Stride Rite is great for assisting your child with their first steps. Made with Stride Rite's Sensory Response Technology, it helps to mimic barefoot walking with it's "sensory pods", that help children to feel the ground when walking. Athletic, fun, and functional - this shoe is a win-win.

    Available at Amazon starting at $47.95

  • Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

    Let the squeaking begin

    Designed for little feet that want to make a lot of noise, these squeaky shoes from ikiki make walking fun. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as well - the shoe comes with switch that allows you to turn the squeak off when wanting a more quiet step. Made from a breathable fabric with a soft sole, your toddler will not want to take these off - which makes that on/off switch even more enticing!

    Available at Amazon starting at $29.95

  • Toddler shoe buying guide

    What to look for

    Your child may not be able to tell you yet how the shoes feel and fit, so checking carefully for size and comfort is key.

    Bend the soles. They should be flexible and have grip, not smooth and stiff. A nonskid rubber sole with ridges will offer good traction.

    Check the fit. It’s important for a child to try on shoes. When he stands, there should be just enough room to squeeze your pinky between his heel and the heel of the shoe, and a full thumb-width between the end of his longest toe and the front of the shoe. The shoe should provide just enough wiggle room without being too big. Because little feet grow quickly, it's a good idea to check every month to make sure the shoes still fit.

    Give a squeeze. If the shoe is made of soft fabric, try to grab some of the material on the top of the foot when your child is wearing them. If you can't, the shoes might be too tight. If you can't feel your baby's toes through the shoe, it may be too heavy and stiff for comfort.

    Check his feet. After he's had a pair of shoes on for a few moments, take them off and check for any irritation or red marks. If you see any, the shoes may not fit properly.

    Watch him walk. Ask your child to run or walk in the pair of shoes you've selected. If you notice your child tripping, slipping, dragging his feet, or sliding around in the shoes, they don't fit properly and you should choose another shoe or a different size.

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