Water birth photos

Water birth photos

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  • Gentle birth for water babies

    The relaxing effect of warm water can help you through your labor. The water also buoys you up, so it's easier to get into a comfortable position.

    For more insight into water births, read one mom's story of having a home birth in a tub and watch a video of a mom giving birth in water.

  • Water can help labor along

    Laboring in water may encourage your body to release hormones that help the progress of your labor.

  • How your birth partner can help

    Your birth partner can help you with breathing, relaxation techniques, and massage. This helps you cope with the most intense contractions during your water birth.

  • Low lighting has a soothing effect

    Dim lighting creates a relaxing, comfortable environment. With the lights low, you can retreat into your own world and focus on your labor.

  • Staying upright in the birth pool

    Getting into a comfortable upright position may be easier if you are using a birth pool. Being upright gives you the advantage of working with gravity as your baby is born.

  • Lifting your baby out of the water

    Your midwife will lift your baby gently to the surface of the pool, head first, and hand him to you. Or your midwife can guide you to lift your baby, being careful not to pull the umbilical cord.

  • Your baby's transition from water to the world

    We can't know for sure what any baby's birth feels like. But champions of water birth believe that the transition from the womb to the outside world is less traumatic for babies who are born in water.

  • Your baby's first breath happens out of the water

    You may be worried that your baby will inhale water with his first breath. Rest assured, your baby won't take his first breath until he's stimulated by contact with the air and the change in temperature.

  • Bonding with skin-to-skin contact

    Newborn babies bond through touch and smell. Your midwife will encourage skin-to-skin contact by placing your newborn on your chest.

  • A rush of emotions after labor

    The hormone oxytocin is released during pregnancy and in greater amounts during labor. It gives you a feeling of euphoria and love for your newborn.

  • You may feel love for your baby right away

    You may feel an overwhelming urge to protect your baby from the moment you first see her.

  • First moments after a water birth

    Some women find giving birth in warm water makes labor less painful. But whatever labor was like for you, you'll always remember your first few moments as a new mom.

  • Introducing your newborn to the family

    The arrival of a new baby is a big event for older siblings. You'll likely be able to let your older children meet their new brother or sister shortly after the birth. Want to help ease the transition? Consider these Best gifts for the sibling of a new baby.

  • Breastfeeding after a water birth

    Breastfeeding soon after birth, whether it's a water birth or regular birth, can help you bond with your baby. Your midwife can show you how to encourage your baby to latch on.

  • Time to capture your first memories

    Don't forget to ask your midwife to take a photo of you and your partner with your newborn!

  • Choosing water birth

    While laboring in a warm tub has become more acceptable as a way to cope with pain during labor, actual underwater birth is still unconventional. It's not recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Gynecologists, which considers underwater births risky.

    However, the American College of Nurse-Midwives points to a growing body of evidence demonstrating that water births are likely safe. Water labor and birth can reduce the need for pain medications and other medical interventions that can lead to birth complications, the organization says.

    If you're considering a water birth, talk to your caregiver about the risks and benefits.

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