Summer dangers for kids

Summer dangers for kids

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  • Summer dangers for kids

    Summertime brings warm-weather delights – and dangers – for your children.

    Did you know that more kids are bitten by dogs in the summer months? The number of drownings skyrockets too, along with other hazards that go hand-in-hand with being outdoors: bugs, sunburn, dehydration, bike accidents, and more.

    Being prepared to handle the most common dangers can ease your fears. In these slides, you'll find out how to keep your children's summer adventures safe and fun, even when the temperature rises.

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  • Summer danger: Sun

    Spending any amount of time outdoors calls for careful planning and protection – especially when it comes to young skin. Sunscreen, protective clothing, and shelter are the best defenses against excessive sun exposure, whether you and the kids are bound for the beach or simply headed for the front lawn.

    Find out more about protecting your baby or older child from the summer sun.

  • Summer danger: Water

    Drowning is the second most common cause of accidental death among children ages 1 to 14. Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates, and most of those deaths occur in home swimming pools. Most kids who drown in pools had been out of sight for less than five minutes and were being cared for by one or both parents, who were nearby at the time.

    Find out how to protect your child around water.

  • Summer danger: Dehydration

    Kids are less likely than adults to remember to drink fluids – especially when they're having fun playing outside – so they need your help.

    They're also more prone to dehydration than adults. They can become dehydrated if they drink less fluid than they lose through sweating on a hot summer day, for example. Babies can become dehydrated in the heat, too.

    Find out how to spot and prevent dehydration in your child.

  • Summer danger: Mosquitoes and ticks

    Biting and stinging bugs often go hand in hand with balmy air. Doctors recommend that parents take steps to avoid these two summertime illnesses spread by bugs: Lyme disease (spread by ticks), and West Nile virus (spread by mosquitoes).

    Find out how to deal with mosquitoes and ticks.

  • Summer danger: Dogs

    Did you know that young children are more likely to be bitten by a dog in the summer months?

    Experts speculate that it might be because children spend more time outside playing around dogs or because our canine friends are grumpier when it's hot. Young children are more likely than adults to be bitten in the head, neck, or face.

    Find out more about keeping your child safe around dogs.

  • Summer danger: Bicycles

    Biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities for children (and their parents!). But with bicycles come certain hazards.

    Every day hundreds of kids in the United States are injured in bike-related accidents. More children show up in emergency rooms with injuries resulting from riding a bicycle than any other sport.

    Get tips for helping your child have fun and stay safe on a bike.

  • Summer danger: Playgrounds

    Swings, slides, and other playground equipment play a big part in childhood, whether at a park or in the backyard. Older or backyard playgrounds may not be the safest. But kids can injure themselves in even the most thoughtfully designed play area.

    Get the complete scoop on keeping your child safe from playground hazards.

  • Summer danger: Fireworks

    Fireworks may be illegal to buy in your area, but they're still everywhere during the summer. And even sparklers – which may seem safe because they don't explode – are dangerous. The tip of a sparkler can get as hot as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Get tips for keeping your child safe during fireworks season.

  • Summer danger: Lawn mowers

    Lawn mowers can cause severe and fatal injuries, ranging from burns and broken bones to amputated fingers and limbs. Nearly 17,000 kids were treated for lawn mower injuries in 2010.

    Find out more about the dangers of lawn mowers and how to avoid them.

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