Inoculating Animal Love to Children

Inoculating Animal Love to Children

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Animals are a living group of great importance to humans, it is very difficult and meaningless to think of a life without them. Because from the first known history of mankind, animals have been the most important source of life and the closest friend of humans. In order for your children to take part in this friendship, you must instill in them the love of animals.

Many children are fearless to animals at an early age, so it is common to see that many children do not hesitate to do many behaviors that adults cannot think for hours. It is not right to feed this instinctive behavior of children with various mistakes. Rather than nurturing their instinct of fearlessness with misconduct, informing them correctly about animals and strengthening their friendship with animals is the right thing to do. How do you do it?

What can you do?

? You can start with yourself. If you don't like animals, I'm not telling you to start loving them, but at least don't give your child negative thoughts about animals, and don't make your child fearless about it.

? If you are concerned about cleaning, you can choose the animals that have the least cleaning problem, such as fish balık

? You can take an animal to your home and let your child take care of it. This way, your child will learn about the care of the animal and will be informed about the animals and will be responsible.

? Take your child to the zoo, where he will have seen different animals and will be able to observe their lives. You can take your child to the circus, so your child will see that animals and people can do different things.

? Read books about animals to your child or get them to watch documentaries about animals. You can benefit from animated documentaries for children.


? Before you buy animals, make sure that your child is aware of the subject matter, because at a very young age, children do not understand the responsibilities of animal care. Your child becomes fully aware of animals after the age of 3 years.

? Note whether your child or one of their family members is allergic to animals and make your choice of animals with this fact in mind (for example, fish or turtles may be taken against feather allergy).

? When your child is taking care of animals, be sure to be there for them and give them a variety of safety explanations, but without frightening them. (For example, tell them not to disturb them while they sleep)

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