Dear Baby Girl: Fate loves the fearless

Dear Baby Girl: Fate loves the fearless

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Dear Babygirl,

I just got back from the obstetrician. It’s quite comical really.

Anyway, everything looks and sounds pretty good. The doc says you’re kicking, moving and growing according to schedule. Speaking of schedules … nine weeks left to go. Nine weeks. Let me translate: In nine weeks, you arrive and the party officially begins.

Your mother and I refer to the time leading up to and the time following your “arrival” as BC and AD (before childbirth and after delivery). Right now we’re at nine weeks BC and my only complaint (besides an obscene amount of heartburn) is that I’m terribly impatient. I want to meet you, I want to see what you look like, what you sound like, what you feel like. I thought I’d have some semblance of an idea, considering I’ve carried you around for almost eight months now, but unfortunately, I know very little about you.

I wonder if you’ll be anything like me … a little reckless, a little fearless, a little gutsy, a little wacky. Will you enjoy high heights and jaw-dropping lows? Will you fall in love with speed and spontaneity? Will you often times speak before you think and think before you know? Will you love recess and hate science? Will you love arts n crafts but question politics? Will you love roller coasters and jet skis and riding the wake when you waterski? Will you hate mayonnaise and mangoes and red meat? Will you play volleyball in college and will they nickname you Wolfie? Will you watch football with us on snowy Sunday afternoons? Will you even care about sports? If we introduce you to Seinfeld, will you fall in love with the show? What about Michael J. Fox? (his perfect teenage face wallpapered my bedroom growing up). What about Barry Manilow (he writes the songs that make the whole world sing, you know). Will you like boys? Will you like girls? Will you like US??

Maybe you’ll be more like you’re other mom - so smart, so strong, so independent, so funny. So what, you ask? You’re right. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we like or where we’re drawn to because you will hit this world running regardless and in so doing, you’ll carve your own path. And we’ll be here to watch it all unfold.

I will say this… not to brag about my super early maternal skills, but my mantra used to always be, FATE LOVES THE FEARLESS (not exactly the safest way to go through life on TV). I would whisper those words before bungee jumping off a cliff, before skydiving out of a plane, before jetpacking off the water 30 feet in the air, before every live shot for the Today Show, before every adrenalin-pumping activity I could get my soul wrapped around.

But ever since you came along, I’m no longer number one on the priority list. Now it’s about you, and protecting you. I know I can’t guard you forever, but what little protection I can give you now, I certainly will.

Please remember this when you decide to do something crazy like jump out of a perfectly good airplane or bungee jump off a bridge or jet pack off the water.

Who, in their right mind, would ever do such craziness? (I just turned into my mother)



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