Infertility is not the end of sex life

Infertility is not the end of sex life

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Infertility; Whether it's from women or men, it affects couples' sexual life negatively. The feeling of guilt given by am not being fertile Kadın for women and the feeling of shame created by ama not being able to conceive erkek for the man interfere with sexual life. German Hospital Head of IVF Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Contact Mustafa directly “Infertility is not a lack of sexual function. Couples who face infertility should not see this treatable problem as the end of their sexual life. On the contrary, a regular and happy sexual relationship can even cure their infertility problem. ”

: Is sterility seen as a taboo?
Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly Although infertility is still taboo in some parts of society, it is noted that there has been a large increase in the number of applications for treatment as a result of technological developments and changes in socio-cultural values ​​in recent years. Infertility, infertility, is now accepted as a social phenomenon and a public health problem. More importantly, how the society views infertility is gaining importance.

: Does infertility weaken sexual identity?
Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly This problem arising from a man or a woman should be considered any treatable disease. Inability of the woman to conceive or the man to conceive; couples may indirectly weaken the sexual identity of the individual in the eyes of society. If this problem is perceived as the end of a person's sexual activity can go up to divorce.

: How can this prejudice be eliminated?
Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly These prejudices, which do not have any scientific basis, can only be eliminated by raising public awareness on this issue. Sometimes, the criterion of success in the treatment of rural patients is that only the spouse can become pregnant. Even for those who question how many babies they can have, it may not be as important whether the baby will be healthy, how the birth will be, or even if there will be a live birth.

: Does infertility affect sexual desire?
Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly Infertility; It is not a lack of sexual function. Among the causes of the infertility problem, the rate of sexual dysfunction is only 5%. Infertility has an effect on sexual life in two ways; the first is the psychological causes of the person as a result of the diagnosis, and the other is that the causative agent of infertility causes organic sexual dysfunction. Several tests are performed when diagnosing a double infertility. While some of these tests consist of simple blood collection, some of them can be complex tests such as physical examination, ultrasonography, x-ray, and even endoscopic surgery. As a result of these tests, a couple who has been diagnosed with infertility naturally has sexual reluctance. In addition, taking a sample of semen from a man for analysis leads to more problems if the conditions for giving semen are unfavorable.

: What should be done against sexual reluctance?
Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly Sexual reluctance can result from both men and women. Emotions such as denial, rebellion and fear after the diagnosis of infertility may be replaced by anxiety and anxiety, which leads to sexual dysfunction. Since this situation is purely psychological, understanding between spouses gains importance. In addition, it is a duty of the physicians to explain to these couples that their complaints cannot only have children and that the diagnosis confirms this but that their current condition does not affect their sexual lives in any way. Healthy sex life in infertile couples also affects the success rate of treatment. Organic disorders, the secondary pathway, are different in both men and women. Women suffer from gynecological problems such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and are suffering from sexual intercourse during pregnancy. In such cases, a vicious circle develops due to pain and the woman may choose to stay away from sexual intercourse. If sufficient treatment is applied, the pain of sexual intercourse will disappear easily. The male may have erectile dysfunction due to various systemic diseases and the male may feel inadequate. The treatment of this condition, defined as erectile dysfunction, is certainly possible. There is also a false belief that horm hormonal imbalance in a person causes a decrease in libido (sexual desire) in women or men ”. Psychological reasons may be the basis of such thoughts. As a result, as the society more precisely develops the viewpoint of individuals with infertility, sexual dysfunction will also be less common in these patients. Harmony and understanding between spouses is the main element.

: Does a healthy sex life affect the success of treatment?
Professor Dr. Contact Mustafa directly Although it is still taboo in some parts of society, technological developments and changes in socio-cultural values ​​in recent years have led to a large increase in the number of applications for infertility treatment. Infertility, which is the problem of 1 out of 7 couples, should be accepted as a social phenomenon and a public health problem. The most important condition for success in the treatment is the harmony and patience of the couple and their healthy sexual life.


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