Suggestions to make you feel better during pregnancy

Suggestions to make you feel better during pregnancy

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Hormones secreted during pregnancy affect your body. Minor changes in your routine life will help you feel better. Bahçeci Clinic Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Esra Aksoy Jozwiak shares its suggestions with you.

Frequent bathing or showering will make you feel better. You should take care that the water temperature is not too high. Bathing with sauna or very hot water is not recommended as it may cause fetal anomalies and especially central nervous system problems. This is especially true for early pregnancy.

When you take a bath, you should make sure that someone else is at home.

Dental care
Some women may have gum problems during pregnancy. If you bleed gums while brushing your teeth, you should remove excess sugary foods from your diet and use a very soft toothbrush. Sometimes the infection in your gums needs to be treated by the dentist. You should not hesitate to consult your dentist if you have any problems with your teeth during pregnancy.

Hair care
You may notice that hair growth is accelerated during pregnancy and there is an increase in facial and body hair. With the effect of estrogen hormone, hair loss is reduced. But your hair may fall out quickly after the birth of the baby, you should not panic; these are hair that does not shed during pregnancy.

Nail care
During pregnancy, the nails grow faster and harder. But some women may complain that their nails are easily broken.

Skin care
The color and structure of the skin tend to change during pregnancy. Some women say their skin is smoother and smoother, while others complain that the skin becomes dry or oily and more stained. Again during pregnancy, there may be an increase in tiny veins and skin cracks in the skin, and a darker color is observed in pigment-containing parts of the skin. The main pigment changes are:

- Chloasma or pregnancy mask. Around the nose are brown spots on the cheeks and chin, appearing more frequently in dark women. Birthmarks, moles, nipples are darker.
- Linea nigra. In the abdomen, the line in the midline becomes darker and more pronounced.

Although many pigment changes return after birth, the nipple may remain slightly dark. There is no way to prevent skin cracks during pregnancy. It is more common in women who gain more and faster weight. Following birth, they are discolored and remain white. When you stay in the sun when you are pregnant, you can tan more quickly, so you should use protective creams.

your posture
Your body's center of gravity and posture will change depending on your stomach growth and weight gain. This will change the way you sit and walk. With a good posture; Back, back pain can reduce your complaints.

The following simple rules will help prevent these problems:

- Take something that is on the ground, not by reaching out, but by squatting.
- Avoid lifting and carrying heavy objects.
- Use your hips, knees and hands while standing up from the ground.
- Try to reduce the inclination of your back when walking.

Breathing exercises, yoga, massage, listening to music, bathing will help you relax and feel better.

It is important that you rest and sleep as much as possible during your pregnancy. Some women may have difficulty sleeping during pregnancy. This is due to the increased anxiety in the first months of pregnancy and the lack of a comfortable sleep position in the following weeks of pregnancy.

The following can make your sleep easier:

- Try to sleep as short as possible in the day.
- Drink a glass of warm milk before bed.
- It might be good to take a warm shower before sleep.
- Light exercise to relax you can do.
- You can listen to music, read books or watch TV until you fall asleep.
- Ask your partner to massage you.
- Try to lie on your left or right side rather than lying on your back, support your stomach with a pillow if necessary.

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