Guide to drug use in pregnancy

Guide to drug use in pregnancy

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Before and during pregnancy, all medicines sold with or without a prescription should be investigated before using them. Even drugs that have no side effects when used outside pregnancy can harm the developing baby when used during pregnancy. We are also a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Op. Dr. We interviewed with Murat Taşdemir.

: When should drug use be considered?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly A woman who does not use any contraceptive method should take the necessary precautions considering that she is pregnant in the second half of the menstrual cycle and avoid self-harm.

: Do the drugs used by the father-in-law affect the pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Many medications taken by the father-to-be also affect pregnancy. The drugs used by the man in the pre-pregnancy period directly affect the sperm. There are studies showing that this condition causes congenital anomalies in the baby. Certain medicines are absorbed into the semen and absorbed from the mother's cervix during sexual intercourse and may damage the developing embryo. However, of course, further scientific research is needed.

: What should I pay attention to when using drugs during pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Many medications that you use without consulting a doctor, that have little side effects and are sold without a prescription, can harm the developing baby when used during pregnancy. If we group your medicines, we have these results.

- Many drugs used for allergies cause congenital anomalies. During the first trimester of pregnancy, these drugs should not be used and a doctor should be consulted.

- You should consult your physician before using painkillers and antipyretics. When necessary, acetaminophen-derived drugs may be used.

- There is no precise information about the safety of many drugs used for cough in pregnancy. Especially during the first trimester of pregnancy should be avoided.

- Drugs used for heartburn and indigestion have not been shown to have adverse effects on the developing baby. These drugs can be used in consultation with the doctor.

- Drugs used for nausea should be avoided as much as possible. These can cause abnormalities in the skeletal, circulatory and digestive system of the developing baby.

- Drugs used for constipation can only be used in consultation with a physician in cases where bowel problems cannot be solved by natural precautions.

- Supplements such as antipruritic and local anesthetics, which are used superficially, will not harm the developing baby unless systemically taken, but should be used in consultation with the physician.

- Vaginal douches used by many women after the end of menstrual bleeding are products that are not recommended by many physicians except pregnancy. They increase the risk of infection and the possibility of miscarriage when used in the pre-pregnancy period. Since some of these showers contain substances that may be toxic to the embryo, they should not be used during periods of contraception.

: What are the points that should be considered by the mothers who take medication due to health problems before pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly In cases that require continuous medication such as hypertension, diabetes, and epilepsy (epilepsy), it should be determined how to continue the treatment of the pre-existing health problem of the expectant mother during pregnancy before discontinuing contraception. Most of the drugs used before pregnancy can not be used during pregnancy. Pregnancy requires a re-adjustment of the dose of many drugs used by the expectant mother. The doctor who follows the expectant mother due to a health problem before the pregnancy and the gynecologist who will follow the pregnancy should evaluate together and follow up during the pregnancy.

: Can you classify drugs according to their risks during pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Drugs are divided into 4 categories according to their effects during pregnancy:

- Category A; Drugs of this category are non-deleterious when used during pregnancy, for example vitamins may be used in the recommended doses.

- Category B; Drugs of this category are drugs that do not involve a serious risk in their use during pregnancy. If necessary, they can be used under doctor's supervision. Penicillin group drugs used in the treatment of infections are in this category.

- Category C; Drugs in this category are drugs whose harmful effects in use during pregnancy are not certain. In animal experiments data were obtained that drugs could be harmful.

- Category D; The use of this category of drugs during pregnancy poses a risk to the baby. When certain medications used in the treatment of epilepsy need to be used, it is decided by evaluating the health status of the mother and the baby.

- Category X; Drugs of this category are drugs that should not be used during pregnancy.


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