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7 Funny Situations in Baby Houses!

7 Funny Situations in Baby Houses!

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Many couples who unite their lives dream of bringing a baby to their family when the time comes.
Pregnancy, childbirth when you come home, the tiny baby suddenly begins to change the entire order and establish its own order. Many things are no longer the same.
Drama, comedy and tragedy take over your home and bring you both the challenges and beauty of life with children. After marriage, everyone said 'ee time, make a baby now!' he kept saying.
But nobody funny situations in doll houses did not warn you about! Almost every baby at home with each other what are funny situations, let's examine together.

Sinking Toys

Maybe you had a very neat and tidy house beforehand. Because with two, it was easier.
An item that you corrected would always remain in the same place until you were bored, and it would not be easily dispersed. But things change a little after your little puppy joins your family.
The disintegrating house, no matter how hard you try, it's as if it's never been assembled…
An item you think you put on the high, somehow landed by a little boy who can not stand in place. And of course, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to children is toys! Be prepared for toys that can come across not only in your baby's room, but also in all other rooms in the house, even in the kitchen and bathroom.
We know, 'How did they get here?' You are passing through. Under the seat, between the doors, under the pillow, many large and small pieces of toys will be waiting for you little surprises.
You can sit on it at an unexpected time, sink into your feet or even hit your head from time to time.
You'll have to get used to the tiny toys that make your life hurt!

Surprise Cloth Replacement

You didn't know exactly how to do it in the first days when you took your little puppy on your lap, and even you were a bit shy.
However, as your hand gets used to cleaning your baby's diaper and changing the diaper has become a simple and practical job for you. But what the hell, your little angel wants to add some color to the routine diaper change ceremony!

If you're peeing just when you've opened it, it's unfortunately inevitable that you'll encounter minor accidents. No matter how fast and practical you think you are, until you clean your baby's butt and insert a new diaper something warm may flow over you and your face.
You've had some work, but let's face it for a long time. Even if you try to avoid it again, especially if your little boy is male, he will continue to look open to surprise you.
In addition, unnoticed accidents should not forget the risk of smelling the house bad!

Can't Find Your Baby Sleeping Inside the House

Does the child disappear inside the house? It disappears, there is no 'what more!' Do not say. Because the little ones can't be seen.
If your newborn baby learns to crawl or walk, do not be surprised to find that he is not lying in the same place in the morning.
You can find a useless man who has decided to get up early and explore the house, falling asleep under a chair, table, chair or cushion.
If you have the opportunity to capture that sweet version of him, you can surely immortalize that moment and take a photo. He won't be able to believe it himself!

Recycled Food

The tables where long chats and pleasant dinners are eaten may change a little with the arrival of your baby.
In particular, newborn babies need intensive care and care in the early days, crying and wanting a hug may not give you the chance to eat at the same time as parents.
One of the parents will take care of the child and the other will have to take over the seizure by trying to finish the meal quickly.
As if you're in a race to win, eating meals with your spouse is a fun game for a baby home.
But remember, you can start to gain weight because you eat fast and without chewing. 🙂

Wake Up With Your Baby's Love Show

Some nights the little ones can be very grumpy, and you may have to work late while you put him to sleep.
Sometimes it falls easy to sleep, but it can wake you up more often at night and wake you from sleep. When you put your head on the pillow after a long and exhausting night, your only thought would be to wake up in the morning and rest.
But the naughty naughty at night, like nothing happened in the morning in the head of the bed in the morning, sitting with your finger in your eyes, ears or nose to try to show you how much you may want to show.
If he doesn't want you to sleep, he will somehow manage to keep you awake, as if for sure… After all, the little ones love to act according to their joy, remember!

Wet Wipes From Unusual Places

Wet wipes and paper towels are a must for homes with children.
Practical and hygienic for personal care and cleaning of your angel, these products are available at almost anywhere. You use these handkerchiefs extensively when food is poured out of your mouth, changing diapers, cleaning your face or nose.
When this happens, napkins that come out of the corners of the rooms as timeless as timeless can cause funny images to appear.
For example, when there were guests at home, a used handkerchief from the back of the cushion or behind the pillow would say, 'There is a child in this house!' message in the most robust way while you and your friends are quite entertaining.
After all, that handkerchief could be a dirty diaper of your mini!

When You Turn Around

You're still staring at him with a tiny angel's eye, but when you take two minutes off your chick, you'll find it that you won't even cross your mind!
It is very likely that you will find your child to eat with his mouth, not with his mouth, by mixing the cupboards in the kitchen, playing with things that are in danger of spilling such as flour, oil, milk or using various parts of your home such as armchair, carpet, wall to discover artistic aspects.
A momentary gap can bring you face to face with a long cleaning action. Which mother and father would be mad at a miniature playing with food or yogurt? Even if you are deeply upset about the situation, this scene is one of the most enjoyable and funny scenes you've ever seen!

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