Are you hungry or your feelings?

Are you hungry or your feelings?

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Is your hunger suddenly developing or gradually?

Suddenly! I feel hungry if I don't throw something in my mouth.

What types of food do you have when you are hungry?

Junk food, chocolate mikolata. Now, I'm in love again! Meat, chicken, fish, various dishes…

Do you feel regret after eating?

No, I don't feel I needed energy after all ım I regret, I regret like crazy, I regret for all of them…

Are your hunger triggered in stressful situations? Or is your opposite appetite closing?

Sure, triggered like crazy, I feel hungry like a wolf.

Do you need a second portion when eating?

One serving is enough for me. Two, maybe three. Ah ah ah

What do you think when you look in the mirror?

How fat I am. I don't know myself, my body feels stranger to me. Body perception is what I am healthy.

Can you postpone your hunger?

Yes, my hunger can wait.

To avoid emotional hunger, you must first know the definition of your current hunger. According to the test you've solved, it's not your body, it's your feelings that are hungry! How can you cope with emotional hunger? The first rule of coping with emotional hunger is proper nutrition! NOT YOUR OPENING EMOTIONS, YOUR SIZE!

Your body is not your hungry feelings. We say something good!

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