How Horoscope Affects Children's Character

How Horoscope Affects Children's Character

Every child is a unique seed that has the potential to leave great flavors in the world!

Perhaps one of the most difficult issues for parents is the seed of this seed at a young age. discover their material and spiritual resources, to divert their children from their own expectations and to direct them in line with their potential.

How can parents explore their children's skills and inner world, free from their own prejudices and aspirations?

The astrological birth chart is a relative map of the planets, looking at the sky from where your child was born.

It is therefore personal. Imagine what we saw in the sky at that precious moment when your child took his first breath!

And from this, we can make a detailed analysis of your child's character through astrology, a symbolic language created through thousands of years of observation.

What's in this analysis?

  • The identity of the child, the purpose of existence, the attitudes to be adopted in certain situations and the reactions to be given
  • Learning model, predisposition, reading and speaking skills
  • Talents in the field of art and sports
  • Areas, periods and ways to overcome them
  • Peer relations, relationship with teacher and authority
  • Family ties, how he sees his parents, how parents will behave in this regard will be more constructive
  • Long-term university education potential, abroad reading and living potential, eligible countries
  • Professional skills, potential
  • health

As an astrologer, I explore the birth chart of what the child's soul wants to do and inform the parents about it.

Moreover, I make assessments together with the maps of the parents and siblings, if any, to identify the points of conflict and numbness, and to suggest how attitudes will be more constructive.

Horoscopes form the backbone of the birth chart

I recommend that you at least draw up your child's birth chart. You can get it for free from many sites on the internet. So I will write reviews of your child zodiac sign and rising sign You can follow by reading.

Reading your child's sign Nasıl how do I communicate with him correctly?? If you're worried you can read our guide to communicate with children from our experts. Click the link below.

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After that, I will share with you the articles I mentioned above about the topics covered in the birth chart analysis and how they can be detected.

At the end of each post there will be special two-week horoscope comments for children!

Let's start with our first horoscope comments!

Don't forget to share your experiences in the comments! Aries or Leo or Virgo's mother… or let you listen to how you become the mother of a different sign.

See you again in mid-March.

Children's Two-Week Zodiac Review


In the first half of March, your child may be in a more withdrawn, unintentional mood. Don't worry, this will improve by the end of the month and you will have the energy you are used to!

Nowadays, dreams can be intense, you can get tips on your inner world by talking about your dreams in the morning or by asking your dreams during games.

During this period, your child slightly lower immunity especially protect the throat area and feet.

You can get support from the following article to strengthen your baby's immune system. Click the link;

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Because of Chiron's transition to Aries, character development in the coming days, "I" and sometimes unwittingly selfish behaviors. Especially Born March 21-22-23 The children of Aries may have a more difficult time this year!


During the month of March Taurus children have never been Energetic, strong and active! They're gonna want to play, move, be out.

The best thing is to create a game or activity that will allow them to deal with energy and throw some energy in front of them! They're physically strong.

They can be more aggressive if they don't throw away the surplus energy. In addition, they may have some difficulty in communicating with their peers during the month of March and may have agreement problems.


Your child, who you are accustomed to always speaking with excitement and curious, is a little more calm during this month.

Don't worry, as of April, he will return to the fields with enthusiasm as before! These days, your mother-child communication and more compassionate and unfortunately in a time zone that is open to misunderstandings.

Sometimes you can feel that you can't speak the same language, so don't worry, this effect will open at the end of the month!


Crabs are undergoing significant changes over the next 1.5 years. Therefore, from time to time, they may feel trapped and may feel uncomfortable.

It will not always be easy to put into words, to express yourself. Especially Born July 9-13 if you have a crab child, periodically resentful while doing.

Don't go bossy on him, he's already living the child version of “life is coming at me!! With regard to health, especially hormones and nutrition a period to be approached more carefully.

During March, birthday parties and socializing time await you, but your child may experience tensions with their friends, a period open to minor friction.


Leo children will want to show themselves throughout March. He may exhibit more agile and enthusiastic attitudes, and will expect support, especially from the mother.

It will ask you to create a comfort area. If he doesn't get his wishes, he seems a little more nervous and aggressive.

At the same time, especially dreams in the first 15 days intense It will be. His fears may emerge, and he may not want to turn back into himself and reveal exactly what he feels. Use the game to understand your feelings and desires.

Because Aslan children are always open to any activity that will be done with joy!


Throughout March, meticulous and elaborate, perfectionist Virgo children will focus on their relationship with people and self-expression.

Childhood loves can come up!

Far away, foreigners, travels, communication with relatives coming from far away may be in question. You can think about what you can do in higher education, perhaps enroll your child in different courses and courses.

A warning for long term; If Chiron is moving to Aries in the next 5-6 years, if there is a descent in financial matters in the family, please do not reflect it directly to your child, it will be greatly affected.


Since the beginning of 2018, children of Libra have been in a busy period with changes and responsibilities related to home and home. In this process, as your parents, you may be more interested in your own parents, the father's work is more at home, and maybe there are changes in the home.

Your child must feel a change in the basics of your life. Therefore the time frame until mid 2020 is not actually strict rules to your child, approach with love and affection will be more useful.

During March, physical energy may be slightly lower.

I would say a period in which health, especially the immune system, feet, medicines used should be much more careful.


During the month of March your child's artistic talents will be much more prominent. The world of imagination will be wide. Illustrations, drawings or dance and music I advise.

It will be the most comfortable way to pour oneself and emotions. So you get an idea of ​​your inner world.

For some time, school, education, experiencing difficulties with language development You can. These responsibilities may be too much for your child, being oppressive will not work.

By January 2020 you will begin to breathe a little more relaxed in the field of education, learning.


This is a very productive time for your child. Sagittarius is already fond of learning, education, different cultures and will want to travel a lot in the future.

This year, a new 12-year cycle begins for your child to go abroad, move, explore different areas of university education. Experiments in different fields discovering talents I recommend you to work.

In addition, the year 2019 for foreign language learning It will be easy and efficient. During the month of March, he will want to use his energy to make leaps related to his hobbies. However, there may also be some misunderstandings between the home, especially with his father, communication can push a bit.


Since 2018 Capricorn is not a very easy time frame for your child. If you have a child born during these periods, know that it has come to life with a great sense of responsibility, the need to establish solid foundations and will mature at a very early age.

This year can be a bit more difficult, especially for Capricorns born January 7-12. Gratuitous reactions and stubbornness, offenses, ambitions Get ready to meet with.

During March, brothers and cousins ​​may experience some disruptions in their communication with neighboring children. During the month you will be more contemplative, it may not be easy to learn something new.


Your free-spirited Aquarius child will be able to sew rebellion flags at home this month. Especially the father, like the grandfather will be a little more rebellious towards the family's masculine elders, will keep his own words.

For your Aquarius child who loves his friends and socializing, Jupiter acting in Sagittarius will be the savior.

You can socialize with plenty of friends and support your energy disposal.

The fish

This month your Pisces child may be subject to excessive emotional ups and downs, and you may find it more melancholic.

His feet will not be fully on the ground, he will be in a slightly more dreamer manner. The best part of it is to learn your child's inner world and to discover his dreams. make use of artistic activities form.

Don't force it for concrete results, let it use your creativity. It will also strive for education and training throughout the month.

You can print to different courses, be careful in traffic. There will be a time frame in which it is more vulnerable to accidents. He could have a little more tense, aggressive communication with his brothers and cousins.

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