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Does your baby often cry at night?

Does your baby often cry at night?

The moment a baby is born, the first time he breathes air from the atmosphere, he starts to cry. This action is the most important means of communication for minors who cannot meet their needs. Therefore, crying of a baby is one of the most natural behaviors.

However, some children can wake up at night crying from their sleep and continue to cry for hours without stopping. One of the concerns of parents who panic and do not know what to do is not able to make sense of this behavior. Babies wakes up crying cause or is the answer to questions why babies cry at night.

Why do babies wake up crying?

When the babies are born, they sleep about 20 hours for 1 month and when they spend asleep in the following months; It starts to shorten to 18 hours between 2-4 months, 16 hours between 4-6 months, 15 hours between 6-12 months, 14 hours between 12-24 months.

However, some children prefer to cry at night. Considering the fact that this is not fun, we cannot say that it is arbitrary.

So why do babies wake up crying?

Enjoy the routine and sleepy Although the baby's crying awakening is usually to meet basic needs, sometimes it can also be a harbinger of a real physical discomfort. It is useful to look at the most common possible causes in order.

  • Your baby may have woken up crying because he had a nightmare in his dream!

If you say “What a nightmare the little baby will have! Göre you are wrong. You've seen newborn babies smiling in their sleep. Although this smile behavior is reflexive at times, babies can dream even when they are 1 week old.

These dreams are not always dreams in which the mother is in her arms, where she is full of food or games, but sometimes it can be a bad dream, a nightmare. In such a case waking up the baby crying is normal.

Afraid of having a nightmare in his dream waking up the baby crying usually begins with a strong scream. In such a case, if the baby is not fully awakened and still under the influence of the dream, you must make him feel that you are with him.

Breastfeeding, calling her a compassionate tone, saying words of love, holding her hand and caressing her head will make her feel warm, soothe her and help her calm down and go back to sleep.

  • The baby crying at night may be hungry!

When babies are born, they need feeding every 2 hours during the first two weeks. Because they are too small for their stomachs, and because they get tired immediately when sucking can not continue too much suction action.

Babies that grow and strengthen as time goes on, are hungry for longer periods of time, but often need more nutrition. Therefore baby waking up crying at night She may be hungry.

In this case, the baby crying at night should be breastfeeded immediately or fed with formula formula.

  • Crying baby may have wetted!

The frequent feeding of babies naturally leads to frequent toileting. Then crying awakened baby the second most likely case is that it has contaminated the diaper. Therefore, the diaper of the baby who refuses to be fed should be checked immediately and replaced if it is dirty.

  • He could be sick!

Sound asleep baby wakes up crying at night you should immediately evaluate whether your mini is sick or not. Cough, asthma, etc. due to high fever, colds or any other cause. When any health problems, such as respiratory problems and reflux, are suspected, an expert pediatrician should be consulted.

  • He may have dropped his pacifier!

“A scream of an apocalypse baby wakes up crying from sleepThere is a certain problem! normal Yes it is obviously a problem; however, if the baby using a pacifier has such a problem, check that the pacifier has been removed before exhausting the disease or nightmare.

Do not underestimate the situation by saying that it makes such a fuss for a pacifier.

  • Parents who say that my baby wakes up crying at night should not ignore psychological reasons!

There was a routine sleep pattern; but we have not been able to make sense in recent times. baby wakes up crying at night you must first review the physical conditions. If you have verified that the cause is not physical, you should also consider the possibility that the problem may be psychological.

A new home, a new room, a sister who has just arrived, uneasiness caused by tension in the relationship between parents, starting school, a new caregiver, start toilet training Such situations may cause psychological pressure on the infants and may give rise to the answer to why babies cry.

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When you improve these and other conditions that cause psychological restlessness, the problematic days will be left behind.

  • Although there is no problem if you say my baby wakes up crying; may not want to sleep alone!

What can be as natural as a little pup wanting to sleep with the smell of the mother and the heat of the father? Baby wakes up crying from sleep If you can not find a reason when you flurry and check your little baby's diaper, hunger-satiety and health status, the only reason for the screams may be his longing for you.

At times like this, the moment you hug the baby will calm down, but the fact that it will leave you again will not want to sleep again in a hurry. If you want both you and your mini to resume their sleep, either keep them with you until you fall asleep or sleep with your mini and eliminate your own longing.

  • Daytime sleep more than usual!

Entering a different period of development or being involved in a different order Why babies wake up at night and cry may be the source of the question.

Little ones can change their sleep patterns at different stages of development and sleep longer than they are used to during the day. In such a case, it is normal for them to try to compensate for the extra sleep time by staying awake at night.

In this case, either allow him to re-establish a sleep pattern or daytime sleep re-put the old order is useful.

Parents who always want the best for their offspring know the impact of a good night's sleep on the development of babies. If the gland is dry, it refuses to feed and maintains behavior, there is another situation that makes it uncomfortable.

Babies wakes up crying cause that? Instead of thinking that he is hungry or wetting his diaper, looking at the situation from different angles will solve the process and will improve the quality of life for you and your baby.

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