Importance of Smear Test in Pregnancy (Pregnancy)

Importance of Smear Test in Pregnancy (Pregnancy)

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Smear Test in Pregnancy

In countries such as Turkey, where high fertility rate, during pregnancy emerging cancers are a serious problem.

Cervical, breast and ovarian cancer are the most common cancers during pregnancy.

According to research, cancer is seen in one in every 1000 pregnancies. Therefore, control of cervical, breast and ovarian cancer is important at the beginning of pregnancy. Therefore, Acıbadem Health Group Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist. Dr. Fuat Demirkıran at the beginning of pregnancy cancer screening suggests.

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Experts, the most common cancer with pregnancy is cervical cancer, cervical cancer in one of about 1200 pregnant women at the same time, he said.

“When should the smear test be performed?” In this video:

From a different perspective 35 cervical cancer Prof. pointed out that pregnancy. Dr. Fuat Demirkıran:

Sonra Thereafter, the second most common cancer with pregnancy is breast cancer and occurs in one of 2000 pregnancies. However, breast cancer pregnancy coexistence has increased in recent years. The third most common cancer with pregnancy is ovarian cancer. Blood cancers and bowel cancers are also common cancers in pregnancy. “

pregnancy There is an increase in cancers seen. Research in recent years shows that the incidence of cancer in pregnancy increased slightly.

The main reason for this, Prof. changing the social structure of societies in changing time. Dr. Fuat Demirkıran says:

Paralel Parallel to these changes and developments in assisted reproductive techniques, the desire to give birth has shifted to advanced ages. Also, in general, the incidence of cancer increases with age. Due to these connections, the association between pregnancy and cancer has increased slightly in recent years. “

Cancer Screening in Pregnancy

Women's Health In pregnancy, which is one of the most important periods in terms of cancer It is recommended to be more careful in the examinations against the risk.

Your smear test is positive and if you're wondering what to do, follow:

Regarding the necessary controls, Dr. Fuat Demirkıran adds:

“Especially during pregnancy examinations at the beginning of pregnancy, findings of common cancers should be searched and some tests should be performed when necessary. Cervical cancer and breast cancer are common cancers in pregnancy. Therefore, breasts should be examined during pregnancy examinations. However, as a result of breast growth in pregnancy, small tumors may not be detected during the examination. Masses detected during this examination, breast skin recessions, asymmetric skin thickening, nipple abnormalities, bloody discharge and enlarged armpit glands should be evaluated for breast cancer and the mother should be warned against these findings. ”

Early Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

With cancer in pregnancy Another important procedure to be done is to conduct vaginal discharge research during early pregnancy controls.

This process, which will provide early recognition of cervical cancer during pregnancy, is the basis for the increase in cervical cancer. / Cervix-mouth-cancer treatment-How-welcome /

Professor Dr. Fuat Demirkıran adds:

Alesef Unfortunately, bleeding during pregnancy is often accepted as pregnancy-related bleeding by both the patient and the physician and procedures are performed in that direction. Not all bleeding during pregnancy is associated with pregnancy. It may also be a sign of cervical cancer.

To summarize, at least once at the beginning of each pregnancy vaginal smear should be done and bleeding during pregnancy should be examined in the cervix. There is no need for research for other types of cancer unless there is a finding during pregnancy. "

Cancer Treatment in Pregnancy

Cancer treatment during pregnancy should be kept in the forefront of the mother's life.
  • The first 3-4 of pregnancy. cancers detected in the month, pregnancy is terminated and the way to treat cancer.
  • The last 7-8. In cancers detected in the month, sometimes a very short time waiting for birth is performed and treatment is started.
  • 5-7. In the cancers detected between the months of the start of treatment should be decided together with the mother and father. Dr. Fuat Demirkıran continues:

“In this period, most of the time the cancers are given the life of the mother and the baby is sacrificed. Since the life of the baby may be affected in every diagnosis and treatment attempt for cancer during pregnancy, the parents should be explained in detail and the permission should be obtained. Nervous cancers other than cervical cancer without damaging the necessary operations can be done. The most suitable period for this is 14-16. are the week. When necessary, cancer treatments called chemotherapy can be applied during pregnancy. Apart from the first 2-3 months of pregnancy, these treatments have not been shown to adversely affect the baby. Radiation (radiation) therapy should not be performed during pregnancy. Always damages the baby. ”

Embryon Freezing

With advancing medical technology, women with cancer now treatment applications that will ensure that they become pregnant after the successful implementation.

At the beginning of these methods comes embryo freezing.

Professor Dr. Fuat Demirkıran gives the following information about embryo freezing:

“For this purpose, eggs are taken from the mother before cancer treatment. The embryo (the first state of the baby) is created by combining with the sperm taken from the father and stored by freezing. After the treatment, it is placed in the mother's womb to grow. This method is also performed in our country. There are two other methods that are currently under trial and have not yet been implemented. In one of these, the egg is stored frozen. However, it has not been successful yet. Another method is to freeze the ovarian fragments and place them under the skin after cancer treatment. This method is tested in animals. The desired success in humans has not yet been achieved. ”

We wish you all a healthy day…

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