Tips for Healthy Weight Loss in Children

Tips for Healthy Weight Loss in Children

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Tips for Healthy Weight Loss in Children

Women, men, young, old. we all tried to lose weight in a period of our lives or diet program have applied. In addition to gaining a good appearance, getting rid of excess weight and giving a fit image to our body, more importantly, it was necessary for us to lead a healthy life. However, the delicious richness of our food culture can make it difficult for many people.

We may not be able to behave very voluntarily when we talk about small getaways, sweet crises, increasing portions in hospitality or holiday. Even when adulthood can cause so much weight to lose weight, weight loss in children the situation becomes a bit more complicated.

Both support the development of children as well as find nutrition solutions that will prevent excess weight gain. Parents look for different ways and small tips to help children in the developmental age to lose weight in a healthy way.

So, what are the ways to give children a healthy weight loss?

Possible Negative Effects of Overweight on Child Health

Most parents unfortunately have the same idea about their child's diet. They state that their child's metabolism is fast because they are small, that they will burn every meal they eat, and that they will weaken when they grow up, even if they seem overweight.

But obesity and other health problems that may be encountered later in life. Vascular blockages, heart failure, joint diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol and so on. many diseases such as; It is among the risk factors of malnutrition in childhood.

Attention! Just as the child's eating habits persist, he or she will continue as an adult.

The pain of all the sugary, fatty, harmful foods consumed at a young age will probably emerge after years. Therefore, necessary measures should be taken to weaken children with weight problems in a healthy way.

Reasons for Weight Gain in Children

If we want an overweight child to lose weight by getting rid of excess weight why you gained weight It is necessary to determine. If the cause of the weight can be determined correctly, some precautions can be taken to prevent weight gain and then the child's current excess weight, nutritional habits can be provided by reviewing.

The main causes of weight gain in children are as follows:

  • Not moving enough during the day is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

Inactivity causes children to become cumbersome and gain regional weight.

  • Consuming too much junk food is another reason to lose weight. High-calorie foods and beverages containing trans fats, sweeteners and additives will lead to rapid and unhealthy weight gain.
  • Children using computers or watching television for more than 1 hour per day, overweight child is moving towards becoming.
  • Ready-to-eat and fast-food meals from school canteens are among the reasons for weight gain.
  • Giving food to your youngster who says he is hungry before going to bed at night will get him used to night meals and gain weight.
  • Unhealthy eating habits in the family cause the child to have wrong eating habits.

What ways should children be able to lose healthy weight?

Many methods of weight loss that can be preferred in adults are not considered suitable for children.

Strict diets, exercise programs, and most importantly, willful behavior are methods that will not work on children. At this stage, 'how can children lose weight? ' We seem to hear you're looking for an answer to the question. If you are able to determine why your child is gaining weight, you will find the solution more easily.

  • A child's most healthy weight loss method is to review their eating habits. If you remove harmful foods from your child's foods, and add healthy alternatives to them, you will often start to protect your offspring from the harm of these foods and contribute to weight loss without adversely affecting its development.
  • Instead of acidic and sugary drinks, homemade fruit juices, ready-made fruit yogurt instead of home-made fruit puree yogurt or fast food hamburgers instead of preparing a healthy burger prepared with mother's patties, your child's favorite food completely without breaking healthy nutrition You can provide.
  • Try to take care of nutrition in your child's activities. the Children increasing daily activities the more you move, the more energy you spend to help you burn more calories.
Whether you participate in sports activities at school or participate in different activities on holidays is as important as nutrition for your child to lose weight.
  • Directing your child to eat always obeying the table rules will prevent weight gain. Since children who eat on television or on the computer are in a different direction, they will not understand anything they eat and eat, they will consume more food. It is important that you always eat and drink at the desk.
  • Reduce the consumption of foods that help to gain weight, such as frying, pastry, dessert, and if you prepare your child a diet that is prepared in the oven, mainly containing vegetables and fruits, with milk and milk products. The most ideal diet program created.
  • If your child gets hungry late at night, you can prevent him from gaining weight by giving him more innocent foods instead of high-calorie foods.

You can help your puppy to weaken by improving his lifestyle. Eating, small activities, healthy eating, as well as sleep is an important point in preventing weight gain.

Mistakes Made on behalf of Children to Lose Weight

  • Applying strict diet programs to an overweight child is a wrong attitude. A child who is still in the period of growth needs to consume food from each food group in order to continue healthy development. Therefore, adult diet types are not suitable for children and diet in children It should not be applied.
  • Children who love to consume ready-to-eat foods, who are only fed with junk food or who want to feed their stomachs should never be bowed. Do not cry, do not worry they should not be done. Any privileges granted to the child in this respect will be a greater problem.

Inform him about the importance of eating healthy foods at meal time.

  • It is not right to think that increasing the portion and decreasing the number of meals allows the child to consume less food. It should not be forgotten that an individual of developmental age consume from each food group and should do so by eating small portions but more often. Leaving children hungry for a long time will not be the right way.
  • He likes to weaken, but do not completely prohibit harmful foods. Prohibition encourages children more; however, you can reduce harmful effects by allowing foods such as chocolate and sugar to consume only a small amount during the day.
  • Most importantly, don't be impatient. Weight loss in childrenis time consuming and requires patience. Try not to be in a hurry and be understanding of your child. You can help her through the slimming process more easily by making your child feel that you are by her side and that you will always love her.


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