How to Get Pregnant? Pregnancy Advice

How to Get Pregnant? Pregnancy Advice

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How to get pregnant? The biggest question in mind is that couples' desires for babies can be realized by following certain recommendations naturally if there is no health problem on both sides. After at least one year of trial without any contraceptive drug, she becomes pregnant. Otherwise, infertility may be diagnosed. However, these people can also have babies with treatment methods or IVF technology. Blastocyst transfer and in vitro fertilization with a large proportion of couples can have babies. But if you do not have dangerous diseases like aids to live the pregnancy process women can become pregnant.

The Best Time to Get Pregnant

The most basic way to do this is to calculate the time of ovulation well. Click here for our spawning time calculation tool.

Menstrual order should be followed first to start pregnancy. The menstruation calculator or follow-up applications can be used for this purpose. Fertilization occurs most often at the time of ovulation. Therefore, 14 days after menstruation is very important. Couples should take care to conceive between days 12 and 15.

But it should be noted that each woman's menstrual cycle is different from each other. In general, the cycle of pregnancy preparation should be followed with the help of the calendar. It can be understood that the control of vaginal fluid occurs during ovulation when heavy, thin and clear fluid is encountered. In this phase, the inner part of the vagina becomes more flexible and normal. In addition, with the cracking of the eggs in the abdomen may experience pain, headache, mild bloating, and tenderness. felt. Pregnancy should be prepared for these symptoms.

Tasks for couples to get pregnant

In addition to determining the time of ovulation, other natural methods may be used to achieve pregnancy. At the beginning of these;
  • rest after the relationship,
  • delay the shower
  • sexual intercourse more than once.

Father candidates have an important duty in this table. To get pregnant sperms and their quality, structure and adequacy are also important. If there is a problem with these, the expectant mother may not get pregnant even if she is fertile. Doctors' advice should be followed to avoid damage to sperm quality, but it may be preferable to wear a boxer to prevent overheating of the testes.

In addition to all these natural methods;
  • stress level of couples,
  • alcohol and nicotine use
  • exposure to chemicals can adversely affect having a child.

For a healthy pregnancy, it is important that both couples and a specialist have these calculations bilaterally. It will be much healthier to apply advice and answers from your doctors. It should be noted, however, that infertility has been greatly reduced thanks to newly developed medical methods, and that you can become pregnant with appropriate treatment and advice. Thereafter, pregnancy should be controlled.

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