Aphthae in pregnancy

Aphthae in pregnancy

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Herpes are wounds caused by virus, herpes simplex or immunity collapse. Your psychology that changes during pregnancy and the extra stress you experience may also cause it. It is the place of herpes that should be considered in this condition which can be treated with herpes medicines. If there is a herpes in the genital area, normal birth is not recommended because of the risk of transmission to the baby. If this problem is solved before herpes with herpes treatments, normal birth can be made possible.Aft, cheek and lip mucosa, tongue and gum lesions are seen. Approximately 20% of people suffer from aphthae. Stress, toothpaste used, cigarette consumption causes canker sores.Aft and cold sores are not the same thing. Canker sores occur in the mouth and are not contagious or virus-borne. It is not expected that the mother who is paying attention to dental health as in normal period will have any problems. Mouthwash is treated with mouthwash, gel spray and antibiotic methods. Mouthwash is often preferred because it is a method that prevents wound growth and can be applied easily at home.

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