Postpartum Toothache

Postpartum Toothache

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Pregnant mother during the process of extra teeth
need to be sensitive because physicians during pregnancy
avoid interfering with the mother's teeth whenever possible.
Oral hygiene, which requires more care and care than normal time, is sufficient
If care is not taken during pregnancy or postpartum
may cause problems.

In the mouth with the effect of changing hormones during pregnancy
a number of inflammatory and bleeding changes may occur. Adequate for oral care
This situation is dangerous for the mothers who do not give importance.
Which can reach dental pain and tooth loss after birth
the results make it even more difficult for expectant mothers of an already difficult period.
will cause the

Hormonal changes during pregnancy, mother
will affect the candidate's gums more than usual. In this period
bacteria in the mouth will increase and hold more in the mouth, bleeding teeth
meat will cause problems and inflammation. Many women this
In the process, you will experience nausea due to bleeding gums and many
will stop brushing your teeth. Due to nausea
mothers who complain about not being able to brush their teeth, much more after birth
will face major problems.

Does every birth cost your mother a tooth?

The idea that every birth takes a tooth from the mother
incomplete oral care. Moreover, due to the care
not only 1, but more teeth can be lost. This during pregnancy
The condition can often be seen. Pregnancy period when bacteria grow rapidly,
bruises and pain. Therefore, the mother
what a candidate should do is; gynecologist showing attention to treatment
treatment and should not interfere with the controls.

Which is related to teeth prior to pregnancy
precautions should be taken?

A conscious mother is preparing for pregnancy
will give importance to dental controls in the process. In addition, dental care and
the mother who takes care of oral hygiene, all treatments related to the teeth
completed, if there is caries fillings,
20 years solved dental problems, cleaning the teeth and canal
treatment should be done.

Why does toothache occur after childbirth?

Incomplete or none during pregnancy
hormonal changes as a result of untreated dental care
gum problems and caries will progress with this period. After birth
this will, of course, cause pain and tooth loss.

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