23rd Month of Your Child

23rd Month of Your Child

Children who have completed their twenty-third month are mostly you
have the developmental features that we have compiled for. If you're wondering
to find the truth
Read the rest of our article.

1. As your child grows up, he gets stronger and stronger.
depending on movements more coordinated, more controlled and much more
is becoming balanced. With the effect of physical development too
It will be more moving and lively. This gives your child great enthusiasm.
So he's on his own and on the move
feels the need to do.

2. Sense of discovering new things as always top
level is. To constantly learn something new, to learn
Keeps your mind open all the time.

3. Now knows the names of certain parts of the body. You ask by name
time also shows them to you.

4. Language development in this period along with cognitive development
It is progressing. The number of words used will also increase. During this period of memory
You can also understand that the development of vocabulary.

5. Now knows many things around them by name. This is also the case
which also contributes to the development of his communication skills.

6. During this period your child is quite social. Play with friends
you will enjoy playing. But on the other hand, it may also show egocentric attitudes.
This shows that his sense of ownership is developing. egocentric
problems with playing games with friends from time to time due to their attitudes and
fights can survive. But these game processes, as in other times,
periods are also very important. In this process, he begins to know himself better. Most
emotion. Other people will also notice, except himself
will also have the opportunity to explore the world.

7. In this period, the objects will begin to understand what works
to use them for their purposes. For example, with toys
know what to do with the car while playing, how the car makes a sound and
learns to imitate it.

8. This period gradually began to comprehend abstract things.
Although it is a period, more concrete things should be mentioned. Concrete communication style
it is important in terms of its language development. So communicate with him verbally.

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