What should you have with you when you go to birth?

What should you have with you when you go to birth?

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From time to time with difficulties, sometimes miraculous passing happiness
There are few days left for you to come to the end of your journey. Part of your life
to take your baby in your arms, to start a brand new life with it
You are about to experience happiness. Congratulations in advance.

So at the end of this journey, when you go to the hospital and your birth
knows what items you need to have with you
Do you? Surely you know but what to cross over again together
Do you think? Let's not just go over it together, you can get a list right away.
Start preparing.

1. Your birth will take place and some time in the hospital
you must spend the night and dressing gown.

2. Personal care and cleaning products (comb, tooth
your toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, perfume, powder and yourself
make sure you feel good for your makeup)

3. Food for your companion who will stay with you

4. Slippers, clean socks and clean replacement undergarments

5. Drinks to remove dryness in your mouth

6. Plenty of napkins and lots of paper towels

7. To eat something if you get hungry or thirsty at night
spoon, fork, cups for a drink. Of course, food and

8. For you to wear on the way home after birth

9. Resting in hospital after birth
a book to keep with you in case you get bored.

10. You can keep useful foods that will keep you healthy and fit.
For example, nuts, walnuts, almonds, raisins and so on.

11. Clothes for your baby to wear on the way home

12. Apron, paper napkin, diaper and stroller for your baby

13. Of course, this is a happy day you will not want to forget
your camera or camera to


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