Pregnancy and body temperature

Pregnancy and body temperature

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Pregnant women during pregnancy
various physical and psychological changes in the body occur
It comes. Pregnant person's body
order, eating and drinking, sleep order, psychology according to normal people
shows differences. Every month from the first moment of pregnancy
changes become more pronounced. Pregnant woman shows her body
biological changes to keep the baby healthy and comfortable.
It is prepared. Because the mother's body is able to meet all the needs of the baby
should be. Most of the changes experienced by the expectant mother

Advancing pregnancy
Increases in body temperature of mothers can be observed in times of. in the body
sudden hormone changes cause this condition. A common pregnancy
is the case. Increase in body temperature is also a sign of pregnancy symptoms.
It is one. Although it does not show one hundred percent accuracy, those expecting babies are also predicted according to body temperature.
It can be found.

In normal people pregnant
including body temperature is 37 degrees. Body temperature of 38 degrees
high fever is called. In such cases the body
temperature measuring devices with intraoral, under tongue or armpits
done. With a very high fever and above 38.9 degrees
depending on how long the situation in the baby
visible. Especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the baby's organs
negatives are more common. In such cases, contact your doctor immediately.
should appear. It is wrong to use antipyretics on your own
because of the drug you receive can harm the baby. hot shower, sauna, hammam, over exercise
can be observed for reasons such as.
You should avoid them. The most common causes of fever during pregnancy
influenza, diarrhea, urinary tract infections and upper respiratory tract infections.
In order to minimize their occurrence, expectant mothers should consume plenty of water,
Wash your hands frequently, get in close contact
food such as meat and eggs.
should not consume without good cooking. Also expectant mother in crowded places
while wearing a mask and long in the sun
time should not stop.


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