Postpartum mood

Postpartum mood

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After a long pregnancy,
the couples are skipping an important step for their ideals. Responsibilities after birth and
Not every woman has to meet the same restrictions. Some women
normal life, while some women in this process can be quite
It is enforced.

From female identity to mother identity
with the passage of society's expectations of women and women's
When the expectations are combined, the mother is more fragile with hormonal and physiological changes.
and can become emotional mood. Actually pregnancy and confinement of a woman
social expectations, women
it can create emotional burdens. Because of these expectations, women, emotions and
Unless they can share their thoughts comfortably with others, the burden on them
will continue to increase.

Most of the mental aspects of having a baby
In addition to being satisfying, many changes and losses
can bring along. The woman who gave birth, with the change of body
may not find sexually attractive. Other than that
Unfortunately, women may lose their professional status with birth. Baby
the social environment, the independence of women
lost. These conditions in women, spiritual
Prepares the ground for discomfort.


Postpartum, mothers' feelings
most common condition syndromes are maternity sadness. Mothers living this
mild depression, fatigue, crying attacks and attention disorders.
Problems such as attention disorder and concentration can be observed until the mother's forgetfulness.
You can go. If this condition persists for more than two weeks after birth and
If you get violent, you should definitely consult with a psychiatrist.

depression usually occurs within weeks or months following birth.
It may occur. Some women suffer from depression only in postnatal periods
After birth, the concept of depression has emerged. Birth
the effect of doing depression to some women again than others
And more. Moderate or high levels of longer duration than puerperium
When depressive symptoms occur, postpartum depression occurs.

Antidepressant who has had or has been suffering from depression before
women who are discontinued during pregnancy are at greater risk. Pregnancy
for women with symptoms of depression or anxiety during pregnancy
also is more likely to suffer from depression. So pregnancy
unhappiness, unwillingness,
Psychiatrists of people with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, restlessness
It is important to evaluate by. Stressful life events, relationship with spouse
problems, economic difficulties, insufficient social support, first-time birth
and experiencing the sadness of the puerpera is also a risk factor for the development of depression.

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