Sexual reluctance after childbirth

Sexual reluctance after childbirth

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Certain things change in the life of postpartum parents and couples
shows. Parents experiencing indescribable happiness with the arrival of the baby
sometimes she can spend all her days in situations like taking care of the baby. All
these rushes and the intensity of emotions as well as varying
Hormones become commonplace when mothers have a state of sexual reluctance

What causes sexual reluctance after childbirth?

Most mothers in the postpartum period, especially breastfeeding mothers
there may be reluctance. Mother breast feeding her baby, high
secrete the hormone milk called prolactin level and this hormone sexual
it is effective to reduce desires. Prolactin in the term called puerperium
high level of sexual desire, resulting in the formation of sexual desire
androgen and also estrogen hormones applied to increase the pressure and secretion
Lighter. That is why sexual reluctance in mothers, cooling from sexuality
situations occur. Specifically breastfeeding or infant
non-breastfeeding mothers are depressed. So they become unhappy and
during this period, all they can think about is breastfeeding their babies. During this period
the big task falls, should not put pressure on sexuality and support mothers
They should be.

Is sexual reluctance after birth a risk?

As mentioned, after birth
sexual reluctance is normal, but this situation persists for a long time.
problems. Nearly 90% of mothers who had given birth
There is a concern about sexual intercourse.

6 weeks after birth
It is expected that the sexual life of the couples will return to normal. Birth of mothers
Another problem related to sexuality after the reduction of hormones again
dry vagina origin. Use of lubricating gel in such cases
It is recommended.

Sexual desire in the mother after birth
Another reason to reduce women's old form and miss their body
dissatisfaction. Weight gain during pregnancy

The mother during the postpartum period
sexual reluctance to help him recover, recover
is important in terms of providing transcendence.

Summing up
sexual reluctance is a condition experienced by almost every mother and
it is not a problem that cannot be overcome with the support of spouses. Unwillingness
If you continue for a long time to get help from an expert doctor immediately
the road is.

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