Settlement bleeding before pregnancy

Settlement bleeding before pregnancy

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implantation hemorrhage, which is mostly used as Gör Above Sight arasında,
It is seen as one of the early signs of pregnancy. The fertilized egg
occurs during the placement of the uterine wall and 5-12 days after fertilization
then appears.
bleeding is often in the form of spots and persists for several days. In time,
may occur a week before the menstrual period, on the first day of the menstrual period.
may occur. For this reason, most women

How to distinguish between menstrual bleeding and menstrual bleeding? Distinguish between
The most important factor in your
density. Settlement bleeding is more intense than menstrual bleeding.
Menstrual bleeding lasts longer and the amount of flow is greater. Settlement
bleeding is usually seen in spots and color is light pink or
Brown. If you see a change in your menstruation,
pregnancy test.

twenty-five percent of women, especially in the first three months of vaginal bleeding or
spotting may occur. This
spotting usually does not indicate a problem.

The first three
The cause of bleeding in the month, the fertilized egg to the uterine wall
implantation. Bleeding from this implantation is mostly
average of ten days after fertilization.

Although women evaluate this bleeding as menstrual bleeding,
implantation bleeding is lighter and more irregular than normal menstrual bleeding.
But remember that; degree similar to menstrual bleeding in an ongoing pregnancy
and there should be no bleeding that lasts the same time as this bleeding.

not having more or less bleeding, but having any vaginal bleeding
should be taken seriously. In this case, you should go to your doctor. Because
bleeding in the first months of pregnancy may be a sign of a problem.

necessarily consult your doctor;


Cramp and

From 1 day
prolonged bleeding.

Causes of bleeding

conditions that cause vaginal bleeding other than settling bleeding in the first months;

Abortion: Especially seen in the first trimester of pregnancy
Bleeding can be a harbinger of miscarriage.

pregnancy: In this case, bleeding is accompanied by abdominal pain. Absolutely urgent
is a serious situation that needs to be intervened.

in the womb
change: sexual intercourse during pregnancy sometimes causes bleeding
may is.


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