Sports during pregnancy

Sports during pregnancy

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During Pregnancy
we all know how useful sport is. But every pregnancy
pregnant women before starting sports, as they may have specific conditions.
doctors. A specific problem specific to your pregnancy
your doctor will not mind if you do not do sports. General
As of the end of the third month you may be recommended to start sports.

What are the benefits of doing sports during pregnancy? First of all
reduce back pain and back pain even if you are too big in itself
a benefit. However, regular sports to sleep
shortage. This is both physiologically and psychologically vigorous and
makes you feel good.

you know
posture disorders that occur during and after pregnancy
the body becomes deformed. If you exercise during pregnancy, this
avoid danger. And you will do after delivery if you give birth
then if you continue to exercise your body more easily and in a short time
It will recover.

exercising during pregnancy both helps you gain controlled and healthy weight, and
minimizes edema and swelling during pregnancy. All
When these together, the expectant mother's self-confidence increased
I can say.

important point to be done regularly, without disrupting the sport
Should. Doing sports with irregular intervals is both useless and harmful
can. When you exercise during pregnancy, your main goal is to lose weight or lose weight.
should not prevent. The goal here is with your sport
regular diet to ensure that you gain balanced weight.

during pregnancy, your doctor will prevent you from gaining weight.
will not allow. So your exercises are too long and heavy
care. Your exercises should not tire you too much and 30
minutes. In addition, rest and breathing during exercise
exchange should be made. We also remind you again of the importance of warming
must. Always warm up 5 minutes before starting sports and 5 minutes finishing
Do not forget to do the movements.

your Pregnancy
you may have elements that prevent you from doing sports throughout.
Let's see, in what situations do we mind doing sports?

high blood pressure prevents you from doing sports during pregnancy
would. Early membrane rupture, also called m water ingress ”
in case of obstacles to do sports. Cervix
the problem is an obstacle to exercises that can lead to cervical spasms.
However, the excessive bleeding in pregnancy, with the development of the baby
there is a problem and the mother is threatened with premature birth
It is inconvenient to do sports in cases.


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