Pregnancy risk after age 40

Pregnancy risk after age 40

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The biggest problem to be experienced during pregnancy after the age of fertility,
to five percent. After the age of 50 in news and social media
miraculously we see the news of childbearing. But the back of it
frustrations, steps passed and risks
We do not know.

Healthy and young during pregnancy in the mother's body
there are changes that people can handle and adapt. But after 40
The woman; cardiovascular, respiratory, kidney,
skeletal and gynecological organs and most common uterus
The system is adversely affected and the load increases. For example, the blood in your body
The amount is increasing by 50%. Therefore, a significant increase in the heart load
It is coming. If there is no health problem, there is no problem.
But the health problem
If there are, and the reserve is low, pregnancy aggravates these problems.

Pregnancy After 40 Years,
How does it affect the mother?

If the expectant mother already has diabetes,
is getting heavier.

More frequent in the third stage of pregnancy due to placenta
experiencing bleeding.

Maternal death due to ectopic pregnancy.

Risk in pregnancy after 40 years of age, according to the 20s
10 times more.

Infection, surgery, IVF methods
increases the risk of pregnancy even more.

How is the baby affected?

There is a 30 percent risk of miscarriage.

In infants due to early pregnancy or gestational week
increased in growth retardation or stillbirths.

The rate of Mongolism in infants is proportional to the age of the mother.
is increasing. This risk, the expectant mother at the age of 20 per ten thousand, 40
at the age of one percent.

It will occur in these processes of expectant mothers at this age
The first measure to be taken against risks is to consult a specialist.
A detailed examination of the maternal diseases before pregnancy and
treatments, after the conception of the mother, the baby's mother
systematic problems that can occur with the installations can be solved.

In this process, the mother and her baby continue to be expert follow-up
meat should be. Taking a sample of the fluid in the baby or later
blood from the baby's cord is taken, the baby's genetic characteristics can be examined.


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