Sexual reluctance after childbirth

Sexual reluctance after childbirth

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Many mothers after pregnancy,
sexual reluctance, especially in nursing mothers, is normal.
The hormone prolactin, which is secreted in high amounts during breastfeeding,
has a reducing effect. High in newborn mothers
amount of prolactin, which is normally released from the ovaries and
suppress estrogen and androgen hormones that play an important role in sexuality
gets. Therefore, a cooling against sexuality in newborn mothers

Especially during breastfeeding
living, ie; new mothers who do not have milk or whose milk is not beneficial,
psychologically they feel bad, depressed and unhappy
It is normal. It's in itself, just to take care of the baby by blaming itself.
not to exert pressure on mothers who want sexuality and not force them

What should be done?

Sexual reluctance after childbirth
is a situation that should be considered normal. However, the prolongation of this process,
can cause serious problems. According to the research conducted postpartum women
21 per cent of the first 3 months after birth is experiencing sexual reluctance.

90 percent of mothers who give birth
they are concerned about when sexual intercourse can be resumed.
Sexual intercourse can be entered after 6 weeks after birth. First
initially there may be dryness in the vijanal region and in this case not to worry
must. This is due to reduced estrogen hormone. Facilitating relationship
lubricating gels can be used.

One of the other sexual problems, birth
then the wife of the mother, the woman has more sexual desire.
In this case, your father, who have just given birth and both psychological and physiological
should be understanding towards the changed mother. After pregnancy
the mother's inability to lose weight immediately can not negatively affect the psychology of the mother
It can affect.

Sexual reluctance after pregnancy,
may be affected by several factors. With her baby constantly at night during the day
the interested mother is not interested in anything other than her baby and needs.
In this process, in the adaptation process; both physiologically and mentally
fatigue is quite normal. After taking care of the baby
Want to relax in time. Obviously, in this process, the mother is not interested in sexuality.


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