Postpartum confinement

Postpartum confinement

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We call the first 6 weeks after the puerperium period. Postpartum
The most important change in the mother's body during the period of what we call lochia.
Red, yellow and white currents that occur during the postpartum period are called lochia.
Lochia goes from red to white within a week.

the discharge
Underwear and pads are also often contaminated, so often
Following the need for toilet by changing the front to back antiseptic
solution should be cleaned. Shrinkage of the uterus after birth
Experienced. This reduction process is not felt by the abdomen after 2 weeks.
Milk comes from the udders with the effect of hormones. The first three days of milk
The rate increases as the baby suckles. Your body is no longer slow during the postpartum period
slowly begins to return to normal. Weight gain during pregnancy is restored during this period
It is given. Edema in the body is reduced and swelling begins to descend slowly.
Problems such as numbness in hands you have experienced during pregnancy and cramps in the legs
complaints begin to disappear during this period.

period can be called the process of returning the body back to pregnancy. In this period
expectant mothers also have some complaints. Of the most common complaints
one could say that the cracks in the nipples. However, urine
The most common condition is infections. Burning while urinating
and pain occurs.

complaints are normal during the postpartum period and
problems are not required. Only simple precautionary measures
complaints. Mostly spontaneously after a short time
It disappears.

endometritis is one of the most common
called. Endometritis occurs when infection occurs in the uterus.
Formation of endometritis; very smelly discharge, such as weakness and fever rise
causes symptoms. In this case, antibiotic treatment is applied.

in confinement
perhaps the most curious problems that may occur at the seams and
when stitches are to be taken. This situation compared to normal birth and cesarean
varies. Pain may occur at the sutures after normal birth
and spontaneously for two weeks. During this time stitches were made
place with antiseptic solution should be cleaned.

numbness and numbness at the suture site after birth
livable. The pain will be lessened in 1 week and after 10 days
It will be lost. Longer periods are required for numbness and numbness to pass.

One of the most curious issues after the sexual relationship. According to experts;
6 weeks after normal birth and caesarean section
sexual intercourse is allowed if there is no problem.


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