The effect of music on pregnancy

The effect of music on pregnancy

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the music you listen to during your baby's physical, emotional and social
development is very important.

babies who listen to music while in the womb are more compatible than other babies.
behaviors were observed. Mother crying babies
melodies were more comfortable to sleep.

Did you know that your baby also helps the development of mathematics intelligence?
According to research, while you listen to your baby music, your baby's
brain folds are developing.

your Baby
The first question that comes to your mind after taking such a nice step for için
I have to listen. ” Make the music you choose calm and relaxing
Be careful. Music in fast rhythm will cause trouble for you and your baby.
The moment you caress your baby with calm music, you will both be more peaceful.

your baby
the most intense sound you can hear in your tummy, 70 to 100 beats per minute
is the sound of heart beating. The music that can accompany this rhythm is classical music. This
therefore, your preference should be for classical music.

you don't need to put the headphones on your belly to make it. Your baby, your heart from the 4th month
will start to hear the sounds at your location along with your shots.
In the 24th week, he hears outside sounds.

In this period, Mozart's works and waltz music are offered to the candidates.
In many countries of the world, psychologists and therapists
He recommends Mozart's works. Mozart's cheerful and short themes,
Easily detectable for babies. The attention of your babies is also short and
will attract cheerful music. According to experts, 10 minutes during the day Mozart
Listening makes a positive impact on your IQ.

the music played to the baby during your
they are ready. Not only birth, your baby even after years, classical music
when he listens, he will feel as safe as in the womb.

Listening to your baby

impact on development

impact on development

Ear and
effect on language development

Effect on development

The effect on the human begins from the womb. “What's Baby Music
understands? anlar Time in your belly
Give your baby plenty of music to feel everything throughout. Who knows, maybe
you are carrying the artist of the future in your belly right now.


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