What is thrush?

What is thrush?

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It is a thin milk-like layer in the baby's mouth, in and around the mouth. Inner cheeks are sometimes seen as protruding white spots on the tongue, palate and gums that look like cheese.

It is most commonly seen in the newborn, but sometimes in older infants. This infection occurs especially in infants given antibiotics. Infection and transmission:

Although a fungal infection known as thrush causes problems in your baby's mouth, it has previously started its activity as a monila class fungal infection in the birth canal and that is where your baby receives it.

The causative agent of the infection is Candida albicans, which normally lives in the mouth and vagina. It is controlled at the same time as other microorganisms and generally does not cause problems. But when this balance is disrupted alık sickness, antibiotic use, and hormonal changes (such as pregnancy) - conditions that are suitable for fungi occur.


Thrush is a mild fungal infection that occurs in the mouth. It is similar to whitish spots on the inner side of the mouth, on the tongue and on the ceiling of the mouth. If the white stain is scraped off, the skin underneath appears to be burned and may bleed. Thrush occurs in healthy newborns.

Thrush in the mouth of the baby is wound. The baby is uncomfortable during breastfeeding and may even refuse to breastfeed. If you suspect that your baby has thrush, consult a doctor. The examination is usually sufficient even by finger to make a diagnosis.


A healthy newborn can usually overcome the disease on his own. However, some antim fungicides may accelerate the healing process, especially if thrush is spread over a large area.

Yeast infection itself is not dangerous, but it makes pain. Complications are seen if not treated with antimantar drugs.

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