Drug use during pregnancy

Drug use during pregnancy

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Every term
as well as some health problems during pregnancy and
medication may need to be used. This is the confusion in the minds of you mothers

Should he take medication? Shouldn't?

Some complaints during pregnancy, already
due to pre-existing diseases or some problems with pregnancy
As, you may have to use the drug to expectant mothers. Of course some disturbances
medication may be used during this period within the medical necessity.
however, drug use during pregnancy is a very serious issue and
There are factors that need attention. If necessary, take your medication to your doctor.
information for your baby.
will not be the subject.

The main factor you should pay attention to during this period is unnecessary medication.
will avoid the use. Then your specialist
In light of this, it is necessary to use the drug as deemed necessary. Already for every medical problem
There is a drug suitable for pregnancy.

During which periods does the use of drugs carry more risks?

Latest menstruation
the form of organs between the 31st and 71st day
times. Therefore, during this period, exceptional emergencies
do not adversely affect your baby's health
It is vital in terms of.
The first 15 days after the stage of sexual intercourse and fertilization
medications do not affect your baby or cause miscarriage

Embryonic period between 2 and 8 weeks after fertilization
term, and this period is considered as the most risky period in
known. Likewise, the risk for the baby for 2 weeks after these periods

So you use the drug
is of great importance for the health of your baby.
We recommend that you show sensitivity to this issue.

What are the drug categories in pregnancy?

Medications used in pregnancy benefit and
they are categorized according to the damage situation. Accordingly, category A and B
drugs can be used by the mother without a negative condition for the baby.
It was observed.

Every man and every pregnant mother
disease status may vary.

The categories listed in the package insert of the drugs are as follows;

Drugs with pregnancy category A:
In human studies and studies, this category of drugs to the fetus
no harm was determined.

Drugs with pregnancy category B:
In animal studies, any
there is no risk but it has not been tested in humans. Or an adverse effect on animals
a risk of human studies
Not determined.

Drugs with pregnancy category C:
Studies on animals have found negative effects, but humans
has not been tried on.

Drugs with pregnancy category D:
In human experiments, negative effects were detected for the fetus, mother
can be used in some situations that may endanger life.

Drugs with pregnancy category X:
The risk for the fetus is extremely high. These drugs do more harm than good.

As a result of this information, this issue is of vital importance to you and your baby.
no matter what category this
use of medicines in consultation with a doctor
It is worth remembering. Avoid unnecessary medication
Spend pregnancy.

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