Stay away from them if you are pregnant

Stay away from them if you are pregnant

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It is necessary to follow certain rules during pregnancy which lasts approximately 40 weeks. The most important thing in the adventure of pregnancy, which is headed every month with new hopes and surprises, is the healthy nutrition of the expectant mother and regular medical check-up. Liv Hospital Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology Specialist says that expectant mothers should not act with ear-filled information. Dr. Nilgün Turhan gave information about the most important substances that should not be done during pregnancy.

• Double Nutrition: The ideal weight should be between 9 and 12 kilos. 300 calories per day is enough for this. Nutrition for two with traditional approach; it will harm the health of the mother and the baby, on the other hand it will make weight control difficult.
• Unconscious sports: In the first trimester of pregnancy, a wrong movement can cause miscarriage in sports performed without professional control.

• Alcohol and smoking: Alcohol and cigarette consumption during pregnancy are not only adversely affecting maternal health, but also have been shown to cause problems such as premature birth, fetus death, infant developmental delay, low birth weight infant birth, mental retardation and facial deformation. Pregnant mothers should avoid alcohol and smoking completely during pregnancy.
• Acidic beverages: Acidic and carbonated beverages actually play a serious role in gaining excess weight since they cannot be digested and cause the food to be disintegrated. For a fit and healthy pregnancy, these drinks should be avoided.

• Lots of sugar and sweets: Pure sugar is a source of energy with no nutritional value. Sugar consumption during pregnancy is not only an obstacle to maintaining ideal weight, high sugar-induced miscarriages, infant deaths, difficult birth due to increase in birth weight of the baby and the possibility of delivery by caesarean section, decrease in blood sugar of the baby during birth, decrease in calcium level in the blood, due to the problem of development of calcium in the lungs. respiratory distress, jaundice can cause serious symptoms such as.

• Excess coffee and tea: There is controversy that high levels of caffeine consumption during pregnancy may adversely affect the brain development of babies and cause miscarriage, growth retardation and behavioral disorders in the child's life.

• Processed foods: The additives in processed foods such as sausages and salami are harmful to both the baby and the mother as they cause the formation of toxic substances.

• Excess salt: Excess salt consumption causes edema and swelling. It is important for mothers to consume sufficient amount of salt for kidney health. Excessive salt use in pregnancy can cause pregnancy poisoning, called preeclampsia, because it can increase blood pressure. Preeclampsia can cause maternal and infant mortality if left untreated.

• Narrow clothing: Socks and tights that do not cover the abdomen and do not put pressure on the uterus can be worn. Brassieres should not be hanging.

• Extreme heat and sun: During pregnancy, saunas, hot springs, baths and sunbathing for a long time, such as the body should be avoided situations that will expose excessive heat. It may have teratogenic effects on the baby and may cause fainting due to excessive sweating in the mother and loss of fluid and electrolyte and drop in blood pressure. Decrease in blood pressure will also reduce blood flow to the baby.

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