Leukemia: the great battle of small bodies

Leukemia: the great battle of small bodies

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It's not nice to see the words child and sickness side by side. Yet - unfortunately - many diseases threaten them. The worst of these disorders is leukemia. Leukemia is most commonly seen between 2 and 5 years old. Although 85% success is achieved if treated, it is very difficult to combat leukemia. Families who need a lot of financial and moral support Ankara Foundation for Children with Leukemia LÖSEV trying to be support.

: Could you tell us about leukemia in childhood?
LOSEV Leukemias constitute 35% of childhood cancer cases and is in the first place. Leukemias according to cell type; It is divided into two main groups as ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and AML (Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia). Their interior of the lower classes to tanımlanabilir.türki "is reported in 1200-1500 new cases of leukemia in children under the age of 16 every year. The causes of leukemia have not yet been fully elucidated. With new developments in cytogenetic and molecular techniques; genetic predisposition, radiation, benzene and its derivatives (bali, etc.), chemicals such as pesticides, some hereditary diseases and some viral diseases have been shown to cause leukemia together. Leukemia is seen at any age. The most common increase in childhood is at the age of 2-5 years. Response to treatment decreases in new cases under 1 year and over 10 years. With the effect of changing the code in the main cells in our bone marrow, which is the main construction site of blood circulating in our vessels with any effect, an increase in immature blood cells which we call blast occurs. These cells spread rapidly and hold the bone marrow, lymph glands, spleen, liver, brain and central nervous system.

: What are the symptoms?
LOSEV Anorexia, anemia, slimming, bone pains in the legs, bleeding under the skin (red spots or bruising), nose and gingival bleeding and fever are the first observed findings. In the examination performed by pediatric hematology (blood diseases) specialists with these complaints, liver and spleen enlargement, enlargement of lymph nodes and bleeding findings can be detected. Blood, bone marrow, cell type determination and genetic tests can be made as a definite diagnosis. Detailed tests in diagnosis will usually help to determine leukemia types and treatment principles.

: How is it treated?
LOSEV Treatment starts with methods of general condition correction. At this stage, it is very important to take the blood or special cells in the blood from the donors (voluntary blood donor) to the leukemia patient, to make the necessary struggles if there is infection, and to take precautions against the side effects of chemotherapy drugs of the kidneys, liver and heart. In addition, informing patients and families about the disease, explaining that leukemia is not hopeless, but with good treatment and morale support and the improvement of leukemia up to 85% is the second step of the treatment. Treatment is a very high dose, intravenous and oral administration of at least 6 different types of drugs within 4-6 weeks. The aim is to destroy the malignant host cells called blast. Unfortunately, these chemotherapy drugs do not only affect the bad cells, but also destroy the good, beneficial cells of our body. Therefore, our children's hair is shed, mouths, intestines, wounds are opened, become weak. Again, because the defense cells that protect our body against infections are destroyed by drugs, the immune system is destroyed and even the smallest germ and disease agent spread to the whole body and cause severe fever infections. For this reason, children with leukemia are wearing masks in order to protect them from the people, air and water.

: Is it possible to repeat?
LOSEV After a total of 3-3.5 years of treatment, up to 85% complete recovery is achieved. Our children, who are only followed up with controls after the treatment, maintain their normal lives like all healthy siblings and friends. as in all of us, there is a small chance of recurrence of leukemia in individuals who have eaten the disease. In such cases, similar treatments and / or bone marrow transplantation may be applied.

: What problems do children with leukemia and their families face?
LOSEV Drugs used in treatment are extremely expensive. One box is around 100 million pounds. Hundreds of bottles of medicine are used. If the catheters, kits, serums and blood products are calculated, the cost of treatment reaches hundreds of billions of pounds. Other problems can be summarized as follows. Stay away from school, be excluded by friends, the society thinks that these children do not have a chance to heal, that the disease is contagious because of the mask, children cannot participate in social activities (Cinema, theater,…) children have to stay away from their favorite foods, not to find blood, who want to accompany children to hospital the termination of their work as a result of the families getting permission from work places too often.

: You established Lösev in order to solve these problems?
LOSEV Our aim in establishing LÖSEV; to provide all kinds of needs of children with leukemia and blood disease, especially health and education, as well as to establish and operate national treatment, training and research institutions on hereditary and acquired blood diseases. Turkey "in each year 1000-1200 new cases of leukemia in children is emerging. This sometimes forces parents to choose between leukemia children and other children in narrow budget families. For this reason, our foundation aims to introduce leukemia, to convey the problems of children with leukemia and their families to the society and to raise public awareness on this occasion.

: What are your projects?
LOSEV On September 24, 2000, LÖSEV, 2000, which contains all the facilities of modern medicine, dedicated to children with leukemia. Children with Leukemia Hospital-LÖSANTEHas established. Ankara, Gaziosmanpasa, Turgutlu Street No: 30, 8-storey, 2400 m2 of usable area LOSANTE, has all the necessary infrastructure for a hospital. Our hospital, which is built on contemporary standards, has a modern blood bank as well as advanced laboratory conditions, is reserved for families who accompany children with leukemia for a short stay. Another floor of our hospital is prepared as theater, cinema, painting, music, games and computer rooms, allowing our children to have education and have a good time even in the hospital environment.

: How can you reach out to those who want to help?
LOSEV is You can get more information about help by entering. You can buy the products of our foundation here. You can become a volunteer member. Our bank account numbers are as follows: Vakıflar Bank Branch Branch Code: 331 Account No: 2022222 Ankara and Ziraat Bank Branch Branch Code: 0920 Account Number: 190006 Ankara

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