Is X-ray dangerous during pregnancy?

Is X-ray dangerous during pregnancy?

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Everyone knows that x-rays are inconvenient during pregnancy, but the extent of the danger is not known. Pregnant mothers have reservations about MR. Yeditepe University Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Asst. Assoc. Contact füsun directly tells the curious about the subject.

: What is radiation?
Asst. Assoc. Füsun Belgin Selam: Radiation is a term used for ionized rays in the form of X and gamma rays with low wavelength and high energy properties. X-rays biologically lead to tissue damage by electrochemical reaction. High doses of X-rays can cause cell death, cell change, cancer and developmental disorders.

: What are the damages of radiation exposure during pregnancy?
Asst. Assoc. Füsun Belgin Selam: Exposure to high doses of radiation has a lethal effect before the embryo is placed in the uterine wall. Similarly, in the first 8 weeks of organ development, it may also exhibit lethal, teratogenic (permanent damage to the embryo) or growth-limiting effects in the embryo. Exposure to high doses of radiation after the 10th week of pregnancy may cause growth retardation and abnormal development of the brain.

: Would it be OK to have an X-ray shortly before pregnancy? Is it possible to have an X-ray taken during pregnancy? What should be done if an expectant mother knows that she is pregnant?
Asst. Assoc. Füsun Belgin Selam: It is not necessary to terminate pregnancy due to the application of a diagnostic radiological procedure. In the same way, it is possible to take an X-ray during pregnancy. According to the American Society of Radiology, no diagnostic radiological procedure involves high-dose radiation that will harm the developing embryo and fetus.

: Is it possible to have an MRI?
Asst. Assoc. Füsun Belgin Selam: MRI is very useful in pregnancy because ionized radiation with no harmful effects on the baby is not used. No harmful effects of MRI on human beings are reported. MRI may be performed at any stage of pregnancy if deemed necessary.

: Why is ultrasound not objectionable?
Asst. Assoc. Füsun Belgin Selam: Sound waves of different frequencies are used in diagnostic ultrasound. The heat-enhancing effect of sound waves, called thermal indexes, is important in ultrasound and does not carry a potential risk as long as it is below 1.0. With the use of low intensity waves for more than 35 years on diagnostic ultrasound, there is no risk to the fetus.

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