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How do you support your child's imagination?

How do you support your child's imagination?

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It is a well-known fact that the imagination of young children is well developed. There are things you can do to support your child's imagination. If you're wondering how you can improve your child's imagination, you can find methods in this article.

Read a book together

Reading stories with your child will positively influence his imagination. It will also improve your vocabulary and help you to acquire the habit of reading regularly.

Let him tell the end of the story

Another activity that is as nice as reading books is to tell stories. Let your child complete a story you tell. When he directs the characters himself and directs the subject matter of the story, he will enjoy himself and his imagination will be supported positively.

Evaluate his paintings and activities positively

Almost every child enjoys being cheerful with paints. Don't let him give up by criticizing the different paintings he uses or the different materials he uses. Let him explain what you've done and support in a positive way.

Let him play at home

Children understand a lot of things in drama. Let your child play the leading role in his own script, so you can watch and have fun. Don't leave him alone in this game if he even enjoys your participation.

Restrict television time

The less your child watches television, the better for imagination. Because television programs are created by the imagination of others and limit your child's. So the less he watches television, the better for him.

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