Evolutionary mothers lack children's self-confidence

Evolutionary mothers lack children's self-confidence

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Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen states that the expectant mother instinctively tends to care more and protect the child. Knudsen says that first-born children, single children, single boys or girls, or late children are often at the center of exaggerated interest and anxiety. “Such children tremble on them. Family members make every effort to ensure that they do not cry, get cold, get tired, get sick, get hurt or get infected. Parents do not allow their children to run on the street and play with other children. They always behave in an evident manner about the child's health and avoid their eyes in every situation they think will harm their children. Parents with an overly protective and exaggerated love are bound to their children by a deep emotional tie. Parents are overly concerned about their children for no reason. This anxiety leads them to overprotect their children.Anxiety also affects the relationship between parents Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen says that she can sometimes accuse the father of irresponsibility with her emotional state. “Especially the mother who is not supported by her husband in marital life will feel more pressure as she tries to overcome this situation with her loneliness. The mother will feel more comfortable and safer with the support of the father-to-be spouses and help in the care of their children. Parental overprotection also affects the child's school performance and school adaptation. In this extreme protective environment, which is not allowed to grow, the social development of the child is prevented. This may have a negative impact on his or her relationship with friends and may lead him to be excluded by his friends. ”How to treat the child for healthy development? Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen states that families should behave moderately in love and protection in order to complete the child's psychosocial development. He emphasizes the need for autonomy by allowing the child to eat, sleep, dress and undress, have his own choices, participate in and invite his or her friends. Excessive anxiety in parents is actually a disease that can be controlled by treatment. Ayşe Yanık Knudsen said, ortak The common attitude of the parents in raising their children will have a positive effect on the marriage. Children will be the ones who are most affected by the positive attitudes in the atmosphere of love and understanding at home. ”

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