Golden recommendations for children with a fear of dentists!

Golden recommendations for children with a fear of dentists!

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Children who exhibit negative attitudes towards dentists and are afraid of going to control continue to be uncomfortable during adulthood. Cagdas Kislaoglu, a dentist, explained that children's negative feelings towards dentists can be caused by various reasons and can be overcome with very simple methods.

Parents Should Be Sensitive

“Every child experiences many negative fears, but it is not right to reinforce these fears with unwarranted sentences. Parents need to be sensitive about this. Because these fears in children are made up of negative words that their families tell them, "said Dentist Kışlaoğlu," Do not misbehave, or I'll take you to the dentist, "false statements, such as triggered the fear of dentists of children, he said.

Parents' Dentist Experience Important

“The dentist preferred by the family is of great importance. Bad experiences of parents on this issue also affect children negatively. Children become frightened by adopting negative discourses about dentists. Therefore, do not tell your child about your bad experiences as much as possible. ”

The Right Dentist Choice

Kışlaoğlu, necessarily trusted and visited before the child is taken to a dentist, the right dentist preference prevents the child from experiencing fear in the first dental examination, he stressed. Kışlaoğlu said, "The environment is equipped with toys to attract children's attention and furnished with pastel colors, affect children's behavior in a positive way. Preferences in this direction, children are free from both prejudices and fears," he continued.

Great Responsibility for Physicians

Dentist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, in children to overcome the fear of dentists fell great responsibility to doctors, dentists in the first stage of treatment of children to show positive future behavior is important, he said. Kışlaoğlu, "In future sessions should be given information about the treatment to be applied to the child and family, treatment sessions applied to children should be made entertaining," he said.

Children should be taken to control frequently

Children's dental controls should start from the age of 1 said. Kışlaoğlu, children can get used to dentists in this way more easily said, frequent checks are also important for early diagnosis, he said. Kislaoglu warned the families to save children from the fear of dentists, children's health education and to overcome this fear on behalf of cute toothbrushes and toothpastes proposed.


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