How do you protect your child's teeth?

How do you protect your child's teeth?

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Oral and dental health is an indispensable part of body and body health. It is scientifically proven that diseases of the mouth and teeth cause many diseases. That's why we need to protect our teeth and mouth. Accurate and regular tooth brushing habit is the most important condition of oral and dental health. However, we need to get this habit as soon as our first tooth comes out.

Help the child to brush teeth until the age of 7-8

Indicating that there are 20 milk teeth in preschool children Anadolu Health Health Suadiye Medical Center Pediatric Dentist Assoc. Dr. Şule Çıldır states that milk teeth must be cleaned by parents during this period and that the habit of brushing teeth should also be gained during this period:

Çocuk A child who is accustomed to brushing his teeth every morning after breakfast and before going to bed in the evening after the first tooth begins to appear in the mouth, has the same habit during school. Brushing teeth is also important for hand development in children. Parents should therefore first allow their children to brush their teeth; they should finish the last brush together. Studies have shown that hand development can be completed around 7-8 years of age so that children can brush properly. For this reason, parents need to play an active role in brushing their children's teeth until this age. ”

To brush his teeth whether he has breakfast in the morning or not

Tooth brushing the most important meals in the morning after breakfast and after dinner reminding that the Anatolian Health Suadiye Medical Center Pediatric Dentist Assoc. Dr. Şule Çıldır says that sweet and sweet foods eaten at breakfast have decaying effects. Doç For this reason, no matter how heavy the morning traffic is at home during the school period, teeth must be brushed out of the house, Doç Assoc. Dr. Il Plaque accumulated on the tooth during the night is removed by brushing the teeth, which reduces the risk of caries as the carbohydrate and plaque cannot merge on the tooth surface. In addition, brushing teeth in the morning is a habit that must be developed, whether or not breakfast, a child who is used to brushing his teeth during this period, will continue this habit for life. ”

Only water can be drunk after brushing teeth in the evening

When the teeth are not brushed in the evening, the food remains on the tooth surface until morning and declining saliva flow during sleep accelerates the formation of caries. Only two minutes by taking dental hours for the treatment of dental caries can be prevented from passing in the dentist chair Anadolu Health Suadiye Medical Center Pediatric Dentist Assoc. Dr. Şule Çıldır, “brushing the teeth just before going to bed is not enough to prevent tooth decay during the night. There are a few more important points to consider ”.

• Children who have a habit of drinking milk before going to bed at night are difficult to remove completely from the tooth surface even if the teeth are brushed. Therefore, the milk should be drunk at least 1 hour before bedtime and brushed before bedtime.
• Most of the time the error is brushed teeth, pajamas are worn and syrup after entering the bed. However, sugar is often added in children's syrups to make them easier to drink. When you give the syrup, you can think of it as a sugar juice. Because these drugs have the same caries effect during the night when they remain on the tooth surface.
• After brushing the teeth, only drink water. Apart from this, after all drinking or eating teeth again need to be brushed.

Recommendations to minimize the risk of tooth decay in your child during school:

• Have your child brush their teeth at least twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and before bedtime.
• Limit your child's consumption of sugar. Instead of giving sugary foods and beverages for snacks, give them immediately after the main meals and then brush their teeth.
• Go to your pedodontist (pediatric dentist) during your school period to have your child's oral and dental health checked. In this way, if any initial caries, is treated without pain and does not cause you trouble during the training period.
• In order to prevent the formation of caries in your child and strengthen the teeth against caries formation, it is very important to have “Fissure Cover” applications known as “Dental Nail Polish ve and el Superficial Fluorid ayan which plays an important role in the protection of all tooth surfaces from the decay.

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