Stuttering in children

Stuttering in children

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Stuttering makes the child's school life more difficult, causing him to be withdrawn. In the treatment, understanding and support of the family and teachers is very important.

Speech disorder, which occurs when the speech is fluent or rhythm is called “stuttering.. It is more common in boys and increases in children in stressful environments. Speech Disorders Specialist Ismet Kahraman, unrest in the family, fighting fear and panic, such as situations that can lead to stuttering, he says.

Communication problem is seen

Stuttering in children is often accompanied by various facial expressions, repetitive body movements (knocking on the ground, waving his arm). This situation, usually caused by sudden fears, occurs most often at the age of two to five years, but when it is not emphasized, it affects the child in later years. This causes the child to abstain from schooling, to be inward, to have difficulty communicating with friends.

Don't fall on it

When the reasons of stuttering are examined, it is seen that these children generally come from oppressive, strict normative, overly meticulous, perfectionist families. Jealousy, fear, sudden depressions are among the causes of speech disorder. When the child gets excited, he starts hanging out in certain syllables and then in words, having difficulty in removing the first syllables, bored, blushing, hand-arm, eyebrow-eye or head movements
Stuttering too much pressure on children puts pressure on them. This has the opposite effect where it corrects the child. One of the most important behaviors that families should avoid is the continuous interruption of the conversation and interruption without waiting for them to finish. The mockery of his friends or friends puts the child under pressure. It is necessary to save the child from these pressures, make him speak more comfortably, and wait for him to finish his words.

Special training may be needed

Children with stuttering and speech difficulties need to be treated with special education. Ismet Kahraman, the duration of training varies according to the person says. Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Child Mental Health and Diseases, Assoc. Dr. Raser Somer Diler emphasizes that the understanding and patience of families in stuttering is very important in the treatment. Accordingly, ridicule and jokes should not be used as a disciplinary tool, should not be spoken in an order. It is also very important to win the trust of the child by showing sincere interest, love and compassion and to identify the situations and conditions in which the child is at least surprised and able to speak easily in case of advanced stuttering.


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