Recommendations for children with dental fear

Recommendations for children with dental fear

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Many children are experiencing a fear of dentists. This fear persists when they become adults. Cagdas Kislaoglu, a dentist, gives information about the causes of fear and what to do.

Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu stated that children's negative feelings towards dentists can be caused by various reasons and can be overcome with very simple methods.
Parents should be sensitive…

“Every child experiences many negative fears. But it is not right to reinforce these fears with unwarranted sentences. Parents need to be sensitive about this. Because in children, these fears consist of negative words that their parents say to them. For example, every false statement that says 'don't be naughty or I'll take you to a dentist' triggers children's dental fear. ”

Parents' dentist experience is important önemli

“The dentist preferred by the family is of great importance. The bad experiences experienced by parents in this regard also affect children negatively. Children become frightened by adopting negative discourses about dentists. Therefore, do not tell your child as much as possible about your bad experiences. Yaş

The Right Dentist Choice…

Götür Take your child to a dentist you trust and visit. Choosing the right dentist prevents the child from experiencing fear during the first dental examination and helps him relax.
The fact that the dentist's office is equipped with toys to attract children's attention and furnished with pastel colors has a positive effect on children's behavior. If the preferences are in this direction, children will be free from prejudices and fears. ”

Physicians have great responsibility…

Cagdas Kislaoglu, a dentist, stressed that doctors have great responsibility to overcome the fear of dentists in children. Stating that it is important for dentists to show positive future behaviors to children in the first treatment stage, Kışlaoğlu said, “Information should be given to the child and family in the future sessions. Treatment sessions applied to children should be made fun. ”
Children should be taken to check frequently…

Children's dental controls should start from the age of 1 said. Kışlaoğlu, children can get used to dentists in this way more easily said, frequent checks are important for early diagnosis, he said.

Stimulating families on behalf of children to save the fear of dentists Kışlaoğlu, children to learn health education and to overcome this fear on behalf of cute toothbrushes, toothpastes and stickers can be said.

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