Enjoying the park with my child!

Enjoying the park with my child!

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When I opened my eyes, my first word was k payk.. I said park dozens of times until my father unzipped the tent and showed me the park outside. It's cold at night. We're a little cold. My mother put me on thicker clothes and then set me free. I played in the sandbox in the park until my parents made breakfast.

The most urgent need for our shopping list was the bucket and shovel. I didn't even want to go to breakfast.

Today is our break, ours will rest a little. I can have fun all day. We are near an artificial pond made by transferring water from the Rhein River. Mom took my things and took me to this lake. The water was colder than I was used to. My mother told me the water came from the mountains.

I played with my brothers and sisters until my toes contracted from the cold. Everyone loved me very much, accepted their games.

When we returned for a nap, we saw at least 10 more new tents coming. Our environment was suddenly crowded. I've come up with a lot of new things to do. Turns out it's because we're here for the weekend.

When I woke up, the Les Mouvettes camp had become a full-fledged festival.

We came back in the evening until we went to the park again by the lake. You know, our people wouldn't ride and rest today; I think they got more tired running around to look after me.
Despite the rain snack, I continued my games.

I went to make a knife after eating my aunt Fatma. When I arrived, my father swollen my mat and covered my orange jumpsuit.

Maybe I'll get asleep but I never get to the park.

“Ipet Cina” (Tibet Cinar)


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