Activities to Improve Handicrafts

Activities to Improve Handicrafts

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In my article last week, I mentioned a scale that assesses your child's hand skills and I shared this scale with you. This week I propose two different activities for your child to improve their hand skills. With these activities, you can have fun with your children and support their hand skills.

Activity 1: Colored Bowls…

Empty egg cartons
Large Buckets
Colored pencils and paints
Different waste materials

• Soak the egg cartons in water for a few days.
• When the carton is soft, remove it from the water by filtering with your child and knead into dough.
• Give your child a plastic bowl. Turn the bowls upside down and use the dough as a mold and spread the dough on top of this mold.
• Once the dough has dried, remove it from the mold and let your child paint the new bowl in the desired color. Then tell them that they can decorate it with different surplus materials.
• Display this bowl in a visible part of your home for a while and then use it for a suitable purpose.

Activity 2: Frog Hat…

Large package tire
Black aerated pen
Green background cardboard
2.5 cm sized toy eyes

• Draw frog head on green background cartons and cut.
• Help your child to make eyebrow-shaped holes in the frog head.
• Curl up to 6 cm from the chin section.
• Fold down again, leaving 1 cm from the bottom. This will form the front of the hat.
• Staple to secure the curl.
• Stick eyes under eyebrow holes.
• Put two black dots on the nose.
• Insert the packets into the two holes you will drill next to the frog head.
• Let your child play with this hat.

Source: Çoluk Children's Journal, Issue 35, 2004.

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