About motherhood with Sema Şimşek: May my son be like the wind

About motherhood with Sema Şimşek: May my son be like the wind

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Ilk The first four and a half months of my pregnancy was a real nightmare. I had incredibly nausea and vomited all the time. Now it was a scar to eat from vomiting. ”

Isim This name befits my son very well, May it be like the wind, let it be… ”

Sema Şimşek and Burak Hakkı, who have always been shown as an exemplary couple with their own lives, have a wind of their babies for 20 months. We are listening to the mother story of Sema Şimşek, who gained only nine pounds during her pregnancy and worked until three days before birth.

What has changed in your life since the wind was born?
In the seventh year of our marriage, we decided to make the Wind. Now, when we think about it, we really have children at the right time. I can say that everything in my life has changed in these 20 months. I meet the real life after the wind rises. After being a mother, I saw patience, how special compassion was, and how enjoyable teaching motive was. It's good to be able to get what you give. The peace of your child's presence is also an indescribable feeling.

How did you know you were pregnant?
I had the test done, and when the results came up, I asked the lab to tell me over the phone. They called while shooting on the set and said ve the result is positive.. I don't remember much, I found myself on the lawn. My cameraman friend who was filming at that time recorded all my situations, it was really funny.

How did you tell Mr. Burak?
I'd like to say it face to face, but I couldn't wait for the evening, I immediately called. And when I said I was pregnant, I started crying. He was very excited and delighted the first time he heard it. After the birth, he was very interested in the wind. They offered Burak a role for a series that would be shot out of town this season, but Burak refused to stay apart from the Wind, and he wanted to be in the project too.

Do you want to have a daughter or a son, what was your heart?
I knew it would be a man, you know? I had always felt that I always prayed that God would be my first child.

How was your pregnancy?
The first four and a half months of my pregnancy was a real nightmare. I had incredibly nausea and vomited all the time. Now I was sick of vomiting and I was vomiting blood. And my mother threw up for nine months when she was pregnant! When I said I was going to spend my entire pregnancy vomiting, I got up one morning and I had nothing. Then it was very comfortable. I worked until three days before birth. I did not have a normal birth because I had placenta previa and it was determined that I would deliver by caesarean section. I wanted to do an epidural caesarean section to live that moment of birth. Since my birth date was clear, I worked until three days before birth. I didn't have any difficulty moving because I didn't gain a lot of weight. I could say I was walking three miles a day. I was going shopping; Let me look there, here and there, but here I was coming to myself with a pain and remembering that I was pregnant. After that nightmare-filled vomiting, I had no difficulty. I was wearing my backpack, wearing my sneakers and falling down the road.

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?
I gained nine pounds, the wind was born at 37 weeks, three pounds. Maybe if I had given birth at 41 weeks, I could have weighed up to 11 pounds. I never ate junk food during my pregnancy, I ate six, seven meals a day. So I had no problems, my baby was born very healthy, her weight was very good. Already women who will give birth by caesarean section, the less weight gain the operation is easier. After birth, I gained three kilos because I was constantly fed with walnuts.

How did you give birth?
It went well, I'm glad the epidural, I saw everything, I watched through the mirror. It was an incredibly nice feeling to see the first look and hear the first scream. Burak was with me during the birth, in fact, it holds blood, the insistence of our doctor went into labor after birth and "I almost missed the most beautiful moment of my life you have insisted," he thanked the doctor.

You came back to the show very soon after birth, right?
I started working a month after I was born. I'm breastfeeding the Wind, so I couldn't let her go. I once again experienced the benefits of being a brother in this regard; my sister came to the set with me every day. While I was on the take, my sister was interested in Rüzgar, and when the screams of Rüzgar were heard, our director took a break saying süt milk break '. It was really fun. Because when there was nothing as easy as killing a man in the Valley Ambush directory, when I told the company that I was pregnant, they could somehow make up the script and kill me. But they didn't, and they adapted the script for me and made the character I was pregnant with. In this sense, I believe that I am very lucky because I worked during my pregnancy, I started to work again very soon after giving birth. I already work one or two days a week, even though I am pregnant, I was very happy to enter the business atmosphere and do something.

Is the babysitter looking right now?
After six months, I delivered Rüzgar to my sister Nurten, whom I had known for 15 years. Sister Nurten looked after my sister's children. A person who understands children's language very well, looks after children very well and teaches many things. Before the week began to come two, then three was. The wind is also very pleased with the state, Nurten loves our sister. They say the most comfortable time of infancy is the first six months, but I became more comfortable after the wind began to express itself. I just don't know what he wants or what he wants. Our sister Nurten has come to save our lives. If we had any nanny, I wouldn't know how to treat the Wind, my mind would always remain in them.

How long did you breastfeed?
I'd breast-feed for 15 months, but I'd feed it to the military. Upon my doctor's insistence, we were able to cut it in the fifteenth month. And to tell you the truth, I was more difficult than the Wind because I was a breastfeeding addict. I cried for days after I stopped breastfeeding. What I shared with Rüzgar at the time of breastfeeding was great, because it wasn't just about giving milk. I drove white cheese to cut it out because the wind doesn't eat cheese and its variants.

The wind name was clear from the beginning, right?
Yeah, we never even thought about what we'd call our child. That name was obvious even before we got married. I wanted to put the wind name çok Because I loved it and felt it when we found out that I was pregnant, ik We said “The wind is coming”. This name suits my son very well, let the wind be like essin ess Even if my daughter would put the name of the wind.

Have you had a postpartum period?
No, I haven't had a time like that. It was very challenging for just one night; The wind was on my nipples all night, I had never slept, and I felt for a moment that I was exhausted. "Burak help me," I asked for help. Already this was not a rebellion against the wind, was against fatigue ... Other than that I have never experienced postpartum.

Do you think Wind's brother?
I'd like to have a brother, but I don't know if it's worth the world. The wind makes a deal with all the older children, plays, shares their toys, but is very jealous of my sister-in-law, doesn't let me hold her, and only hides her toys from that kid, because I breast-fed her once and Rüzgar saw it. So I don't know how a real brother can react now. Of course he will, but we have hesitations now, like early. Brotherhood is very important to me, I think everyone must have a brother, but we need time now. But the name of our second child will be Deniz, even if it is a boy or a girl.

What kind of mother did you become?
I've been talking to her since she was born, telling her everything. That's why, despite being twenty months old, we understand and understand me very well. When it comes time, I talk to him at his age, play games with him. But when I tell the wind something serious and one, he accepts it.

What kind of father was Mr. Burak?
Burak is a super father, very interested… The series has increased since he was at home since the series he ended up in. Burak has been washing the wind for the last two months. Together they enter the bathroom, play, laugh, they have a lot of fun. Last summer, the three of us went on vacation together and shared many wonderful things, we became a full family and a beautiful family. After the wind was born, Burak became more compassionate. Me and Burak looked at Rüzgar from the day he was born. I didn't ask for help because I didn't want it. We spent all those tough nights together. After I breastfeeded Burak released his gas, while I was asleep, Rüzgar took care of Burak. Burak undertook the difficulties of raising a baby from the moment of birth as much as I did. In this respect, he was very understanding and conscious. And Burak and I have known each other for a long time, we were honest and open to each other since the beginning. Paternity begins after the baby is in her arms and motherhood begins as soon as she feels the baby in her belly.

What kind of dreams do you dream about Wind?
I dream a lot, but my dreams shouldn't affect his decisions too much. My duty as mother; Discover his abilities and features and guide him along this line. The final decision is of course his. For example, he has a very good music ear and his perception is incredibly clear. So I think of directing it to foreign language and music, but the rest is up to the wind. This is our common idea with Burak. I mean, he doesn't have to play kemal or the piano.

The things Sema Şimşek used most when raising her son (BOX)

1- Pacifier

2- Baby diapers

3- Megaphone

4- Can bebe bottom changing unit

5- Sterilizing device

6- Highchair

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